Local Council. Green light for new street names in Leopoldsburg: Heidesveld and Bürgmeister Steuertstraat (Leopoldsburg)

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Street Names: A proposal to give the new road name Heidsveld to a road on the subdivision between Old Warriors Street and Zewell Street was given the green light. The current street name Bürgerhof will be renamed Bürgermeister Steuartstraat upon allocation to the former boarding school in Den Heuvel. These new names came about after advice and at the suggestion of Hemking Heppen and Erfgoed Leopoldsberg. On the opposition benches, the VB and N-VA expressed regret that women’s names were not chosen.

wild boars: The City Council unanimously endorsed the decision taken by the Mayor regarding the hunting of wild boars during the month of June in the Royal Park, New Park, Malakoff Zone and Schrikde at the end of May. For this purpose, it was envisaged to impose restrictions on movement from 8 pm to 6 am on weekdays. “Meanwhile we are a week later and 6Ever has been shot. Night vision goggles are not used by hunters and bony are spared even with small pigs. This hunt is mainly to bring animals back to the remote military area. A total of about 140 EVERs were shot this year,” clarified Chairman Becke (CD&V).

Financial Statement 2022: The city council was asked to adopt the annual accounts for 2022. Financial Director Pascal van de Weele explained the figures and concluded that 2022 had closed with a good positive result, despite rising energy prices and high inflation. The debt of 612 euros per inhabitant is almost half of the Flemish average.

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