New to stream this week: ‘The Idol’ ‘Barracuda Queens’, ‘Saint X’ and ‘The Crowded Room’ are new, ‘Never Have I Ever’ and ‘Single Drunk Female’ are back, and so is There’s also a new ‘Avatar’ movie and ‘The Woman King’ can be streamed

The sun is screaming for our attention, but those worried about a vitamin D overdose might as well just turn on the television. Finally, our streamers are vying for our attention too and they’re doing just that this week with the debut of an HBO series Sculpture (streamz) which is already under severe fire, but even with last season never have I ever (Netflix) and crowded room (Apple TV+), the series that led to Tom Holland taking a break from acting. Those who prefer to cool off with water can do so at Cinema Hit Avatar: The Way of Water Which is now out on Disney+.C


new hbo series Sculpture Has been under fire for some time. In early March, Rolling Stone already made headlines that the new series created by Sam Levinson for Euphoria and pop star The Weeknd – who these days prefers to be called by his real name Abel Tesfaye – is “twisted torture porn”. . There were already indications during recording that the production Sculpture One of the tougher kinds: director Amy Seimetz was pushed out in favor of Sam Levinson, large parts of the series were reshot and Abel Tesfaye found the series’ perspective too feminine. The series recently premiered at the Cannes Film Festival to lukewarm reviews. The first episode figures for HBO were also lukewarm and did not reach the million mark. The series will feature plenty of unnecessary sex scenes, but despite all those commenters, protagonists Lily-Rose Depp and Abel Tesfaye continue to defend the series through thick and thin. The story revolves around a pop star (Lily-Rose Depp) whose image is sensual and she is challenged to push her limits when she meets Tedros, the manager of a notorious club. For those who want to see for themselves where all the fuzz comes from: op streamz There’s already the first of six episodes to watch. The series is supplemented with a new episode every Monday.

less controversy around never have I everchain of Netflix Which has become one of the streamer’s most popular series in recent years. This fourth season By never have I ever The latter is too and so we’ll know at the end whether Devi will choose Ben or Paxton. Or will another hijacker reach shore? It is certain that even the last year of secondary education will not pass peacefully for Devi. If you haven’t started this series yet because it sounds too childish: We only ask to give this series a chance.

We encounter more unbalanced teenagers in Swedish series Barracuda Queens But Netflix, We’re in the year 1995 and Lolo, Clara, Frida and Mia are four privileged party girls at the dawn of the girl power era. Faced with skyrocketing bills, the girls hatch a reckless plan to rob their new neighbor Amina’s house. Together, the girls become involved in an ever-increasing operation of home burglaries targeting their annoying rich neighbors. By day they are high-achieving schoolgirls and daughters, but by night they are ruthless thieves looking for adventure, redemption and vengeance against the men who wronged them.

Apple TV+ released the first three episodes of crowded room, a series starring Tom Holland, Amanda Seyfried, and Emmy Rossum. This is the series that, he said himself, Tom Holland decided to take a one-year break from acting, a period in which he is now almost halfway through. On duty is show runner and screenwriter Akiva Goldsman who has delivered very mixed scripts in the past, but was also on hand a beautiful Mind (2001) and cinderella male (2005) Two Papers. The Crowded Room is an anthology series that tells true stories about people who have learned to live with mental illness. This season focuses on Danny Sullivan. He was arrested in Manhattan in the summer of 1979 for a shocking crime. The investigator on the case soon notices that there is more to Danny than initially appears.

eight episodes of the hulu series saint x getting up right away Disney+ dropped. The story of this drama series revolves around the Thomas family, who arrive on the Caribbean island of St. Ex for an idyllic family vacation. One evening, however, daughter Alison disappears from sight and is brutally abused and later murdered. Twenty years later, Alison’s younger sister Emily still has many unanswered questions that haunt her. She decides to return to Saint X to find out the truth.

and on Disney+ is it still second season of the highly recommended dramedy series lonely drunk woman which revolves around young twenty-year-old Sam, who decides to move back in with his mother in order to deal with his alcohol problem. Only in that environment is she constantly inspired by the things that make her drink. At the start of the second season, she throws a party for her new self, but she also soon learns that living with the sensitivities of an addiction is a lifelong struggle: The boss at her new job is someone she doesn’t know about her past. And she has to start thinking about whether she can recover her old self in that environment.


James Cameron has had no less than 13 years for a sequel Avatar worked till (2009) Avatar: The Way of Water (2022) had come all of a sudden. Those wondering if anyone was still waiting for that sequel quickly got their answer: The sequel became a box office success and removed all doubt about whether there would be more sequels. Those who could not reach the cinema can watch this film now Disney+, In Avatar: The Way of Water We return to the events of the first part and soon see that Jake and Neytiri have found their place in the rainforest of Pandora. The two live in blissful bliss with their three children, until they are once again forced to leave their home. They end up on a cliff in a completely different environment, where the Metakayna clan lives, an entirely new culture for Jake and his family.

Even then Disney+ can we see flamin’ hot, a film directed by former Desperate Housewives Eva Longoria. Recently we got the story of how Nike managed to convince Michael Jordan’s mother (played by Viola Davis) about the Air Jordan shoe. Now we get to the story of Richard, the son of a Mexican immigrant who was a janitor until he came up with the idea for Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. He finds inspiration in the flavors he knows from his community. His creation revitalized the company and the iconic snack quickly became a fixture.

Viola Davis can also be praised in the film Tamasha lady king The Oscar winner stars as Nansika, the leader of a female military unit in the kingdom of Dahomey, which was highly regarded in the 18th and 19th centuries. The group takes on those who enslaved their people. to be seen on streamz+,

Can also travel to foreign places with boy from heavenHe too streamz+ can be found. We follow Adam, the son of a fisherman, who gets a chance to study at Al-Azhar University in Cairo. Shortly after Adam gets there, the Grand Mufti dies, prompting a police investigation. Without knowing it, the fisherman’s son ends up in a brutal power struggle.

Of Afterwards (2019), after we hit (2020), after we fall (2021) and happy ever after (2022) The popular teen movie already has four movies that revolve around the relationship between Tessa (Josephine Langford) and Hardin (Hero Fiennes Tiffin). The fifth volume is expected at the end of the summer (after all) and a prequel is also being worked on. Although the films have repeatedly received negative reviews, they are financially successful. The first two films in the series can be viewed now via streamz+,

Anyone who likes a little erotic may also enjoy this week prime video true to spanish film kalpa mia, In it we meet Noah, an independent young woman who has to leave her town and therefore her life there. Everything changes when she meets Nick. What happens when the two secretly fall madly in love?


Film lovers must attend streamz Reppen, because that’s where the four-part documentary series 100 Years of Warner Bros. To see. Although the studio is currently in a massive cost-cutting operation, 100 years is a long time and the film studio has endured a lot during those years. In the first episode we see how four brothers set up a film studio and risk the transition from silent film to sound film. After the turbulent 1960s and 1970s, the studio was sold to Warner Bros. became one of the pioneers in blockbuster cinema in the 1980s. Finally, business collaborations and mergers in the new millennium and the success of a film series based around a certain wizard boy are also discussed.

but also Netflix They dive into film history, but especially Arnold Schwarzenegger’s. in a three part series Arnold They reflect sequentially on the Austrian actor and politician’s childhood, before rising to fame and concluding on his eight-year run as governor of California amid media scandals and divorce troubles.

In the playing card killer they get up Netflix Episode two follows a Spanish serial killer who owes his alias to a playing card that police find at the scene of a murder in 2003. More murders occur, but apart from playing cards at the crime scene, there was no connection between the various victims. It was later revealed that Alfredo Galán Sotillo was playing a game with the police and chose his victims at random in order to get a feel for what it felt like to kill. The first card played was an unfortunate coincidence, but the criminal liked the effect so much that he continued. Alfredo Galán Sotillo killed six, was labeled the first official serial killer in Spain, and was eventually sentenced to 142 years in prison.

Soon it will be that time again: from Saturday 1 July to Sunday 23 July, riders from around the world will be at their best again in the 110th Tour de France. Netflix was already last year and that too because of the documentary series Tour de France: Au coeur du peloton to turn on. After the documentary series about the world of Formula 1, behind the scenes of tennis and golf, now comes cycling. The eight-part series follows an even number of teams and takes a look behind the scenes of the Tour won by Jonas Winnegaard.

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