No Antwerp championship party, luckily there’s still the sun-drenched Risschots Fest(en) (Zoersel)

The Bros and Weiler families enjoyed it. , © km

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The Riscottes Festen in Zoersel was rainy last year, but what was missing came in abundance: the sun! That’s why the terrace was full during the barbecue on Sundays. There is still a lot to do on Monday.

The Riscotce Festoon at Moemowai on the Ekasialan is always a good opportunity to meet neighbors and friends. The friendly Bros and the Weiler family come together to enjoy a barbecue. “My girlfriend grew up here, and it’s a good tradition to see neighbors past,” it seemed.

Magnus and August, again no Antwerp champions party but a riscottes party. , © km

Magnus and Augustus live nearby. One brother wore a Barcelona shirt, the other that of RAFC Antwerp. Fortunately, they quickly forgot about the draw of their heroes, as there were too many distractions. There were clowns with balloons, makeup and bouncy castles for the kids. Everyone was allowed to go with the wagon.

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Tonight, Sunday, at 10.45pm there is another free performance by Sam Gorris on the programme.

Start sporty on Monday 29 May with a walk from 8am to 2pm to benefit Komm op Teigen Kanker in association with De Naturvrienden Zorsel. You can drop by between 8 am to 10.30 am for a bike ride in collaboration with Triple Bikers.

Delight for young and old. , © km

In the afternoon it’s rope braiding, Irish dancing, clown Papa Chico’s, another barbecue and a presentation of a check for a good cause. After three days of partying, they pull the plug at around 9 p.m. “But it’s already been great”, says Luke Joris of the neighborhood organizing group, who provided barbecue, burgers and pancakes, along with several other volunteers.


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