Open VLD holds additional party offices after disastrous vote: even the PVDA left Prime Minister De Croo’s party behind

Afterwards vlams belang Thus en-vaWith an intention to vote at 21.8 percent. Ahead further increased to 16.8 percent PVDA Doing better than in 2019: The far-left party polls at 10.3 percent.

of those who fall open vld Prime Minister Alexander De Crew Op. If the elections were held today, the party could still persuade 8.3 per cent of the electorate. By way of comparison: Open VLD got 13.5 percent of the vote in 2019. This bad prediction hits liberals hard. Chairman Egbert Laichert convenes an additional party bureau after Saturday’s vote. The party is yet to respond to the poll.

Too cd and v In the scuffle, the stock falls further to 10.7 percent. Green In the end turnout was 7.6 percent, about 2 percentage points below the election result.

When asked by whom the Flemish people are best represented, 17 percent of respondents answered the president of the Voorit. conner russo, n-va leader bart devere 14 percent adheres, Vlaams Belang president tom van greek Close out the top 3 with 13 percent. Prime Minister alexander d’crew Not on the podium, but one of the most popular in Brussels.


in Wallonia, PS largest party with about a quarter of the voting intent, followed by Mister from 19.8 percent. The PVDA is the third party in the south of the country with around 19 percent. It is striking that the PVDA is the only party in Wallonia that wins voters compared to the May 2019 elections: all other parties are losing – whether significantly or not. ecolo (12.7 percent), les engage (10.7 percent) and DFI (3.8 percent) walk long distances. The latter party is also outnumbered by the ‘other parties’ group, which vote at 8.8 per cent.

In Brussels The opposition party MR is the largest, with just under 20 percent, followed by PS (18.6 percent) and Ecolo (18.1 percent). PVDA is the fourth party with 17.6 percent, followed by DéFI (8.3 percent) and Les Anges (4.3 percent). Vlaams Belang is the largest of the Flemish parties in the capital with 3.1 percent. The N-VA comes in at 2.9 percent. Other Flemish parties account for no more than 1.5 percent.

The survey was conducted online from 29 May to 6 June among 2,600 adult Belgians, including 1,000 in Fleming. The maximum margin of error in Flanders is 3.1 percent.

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