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in a scene from a science fiction movie i robot (2004), about a near-future society in which AI plays a major role in everyday life, a detective interrogates a robot suspected of murder. The tech skeptic detective, played by Will Smith, challenges the ‘smart’ robot by asking if a robot can compose a symphony, or turn a blank canvas into a masterpiece. The robot looks at him and replies: “can you?,

Can Artificial Intelligence Create Cartoons? As far as is known, the AI ​​does not appear to be capable of drawing a political map. Or is it just a matter of time?

Veteran Jose Collignon, political cartoonist de volkrant, yet unaffected by predictions about AI. Nothing more than a ‘hype’, as he shows in a recent drawing, of the line of voice-controlled computers and self-driving cars, ‘about which we hear less and less’.

Morten Moreland changed the issue. in his picture For many times ai robot watching split screen Talking of British politicians and somewhat surprised that they ‘learn to talk like us’.

French artist Jean-Baptiste Zapetti (stage name Zap) is concerned about developments around AI, not so much for his own work, but for humanity’s – a noose made not of rope, but of a USB cable.

Whether AI can create a masterpiece remains to be seen. Chilean cartoonist Alain Lauzan (above) places an AI robot on a rock, imitating wanderer above the fog, famous painting by Caspar David Friedrich from 1818. Does the artist point out the limitations of robots or does he predict that artificial intelligence may one day have a soul? The latter is, for now, science fiction.

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