Tonight on TV: 2Doc: Home Alone With a Service Weapon and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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Movie: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

8:30 pm – Paramount

Eccentric chocolatier Willy Wonka (Johnny Depp) holds a contest in which five children can win a tour of his mysterious chocolate factory. Poor Charlie Bucket (Freddie Highmore) is one of the lucky winners.

2Doc: Home Alone with Service Weapon

22.18 – NPO 2

Peter Paul manages to do his job as an undercover agent in the Special Investigative Applications Service. But after the high period, Peter Paul ends up in a free fall and spends years alone at home with his service weapon, filled with obsessive thoughts about suicide. Eventually, she was diagnosed with PTSD. How can a well-meaning police officer turn into a scared, trembling little bird?

exit-run s1

22.48 – NPO 3

From the top floor of their glass skyscraper, filthy rich venture capitalists Adam, William, Henrik and JP think they rule Oslo’s financial world. But behind all appearances, people over 30 are desperately trying to escape their daily lives full of ever-increasing professional expectations. In their hunger for distraction, the gentlemen descend deeper and deeper into the bottomless pit of sex, drugs and alcohol.

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