Will Smith is back as the Bad Boys of a lifetime

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are older, but no one is the wiser in this bombshell movie.

many years after both bad boysThe film stars Michael Bay (Transformers), Will Smith and Martin Lawrence again as headstrong detectives who clean the streets of scum according to their own rules.

bad boys for Life

is the third film in bad boysThe series begins with Detectives Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) on the streets of Miami.

Nothing is new for these two bad boys, but then it turns out that the reason is not because they have to catch bad guys, but because Marcus has become a grandfather.

In other words, the boys are now middle-aged men and it shows in this film. Please note: there is no shortage of rough action, spectacular chase scenes and bravery bad boys for Life,

But it all ends well with the slightly more thoughtful coming of age of the two detectives.

While Burnett is already thinking about his well-earned retirement, he and his colleague Lowrey learn that the latter is at the top of a serial killer’s list. Luckily, they are not alone in this farce.

The gentlemen must team up with a new generation of police officers who look up to them as old hands.

adil and bilal

didn’t return for michael bay bad boys for Life, Originally Belgians Adil El Arbi and Bilal Fallah, or simply ‘Adil and Bilal’ as they appear in the credits, direct this time.

after the success of Black And Patsar This film got him a chance in Hollywood. There was a lot of pressure: his representatives had made it clear that he would not get a second chance if the film flopped.

bat girl

Luckily, the film was a success and he got a chance to make a superhero film in Hollywood: bat girl,

Curious about the result? This is unfortunate because bat girl Will probably never reach the public. While the film was already over.

The film was produced by HBO and is set to appear on its own streaming platform, HBO Max. When the company is acquired by American media giant Warner Bros. in 2021. Discovery was singled out for a course change.

bat girl It fell victim because the media conglomerate did not want to spend extra money on promotion and distribution. In addition, the quick write-off of the film brought him tax benefits.

This film of about $ 900 million is now in cold storage.

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