‘Worse than expected’

None other than Bridget Masland appeared on a TV program yesterday secret couple, You would say that there is someone who knows about everyone, but the panelists have the greatest difficulty in finding out who is hiding behind the voices.

In this musical game show, the singers don’t know with whom they are dueting because they are separated by a wall. It is up to the panelists to guess who the vote belongs to. The service panel this time around includes Dave Von Raven, Soy Kroon, Jeroen van der Boom and Emma Hesters. Jamai Loman talks the show together.

Bridget Masland in Secret Couple

massland sings flowers Joined by Miley Cyrus with the Hesters, who really have no idea after the first half of the duet. “It’s a lady. I always find it silly to say this, but I think she’s not very experienced with singing. I think she’s about my age, about 27.”

After the second part of the duet, she became none the wiser. The panelists are also anything but certain. Only van der Boom thinks he knows. “This woman is not afraid of the cameras. She’s been in front of the camera for thirty years,” pointed out Loman. “Oh my God, I’m fine,” van der Boom says. He is absolutely sure. “100 percent.”

The panelists can’t believe their eyes when Maasland is revealed. “Oh my god,” said Kroon. Van der Boom is speechless and stares open-mouthed. “How brave,” says Kroon. “I’m not going to lie that everyone knows this woman,” Loman says.

Van der Boom appears to have completely missed the mark. “I am ashamed of what I have written.” Hester can ask one more question. “Do I know him personally?” she asks. Turns out that’s not the case. The singer remains clueless and uses Doutzen Kroes as a wild guess.

The final part of the duet begins and the wall goes up. “Two blonde, beautiful women,” says Kroon. Maasland feels honored that Emma Heisters thought it was a young woman. “And then I heard Doutzen Kroes and I thought yes again!”

‘The song sounds so scary’

“So cool that you wanted to do that,” Loman says. “Of course you have real stage experience.” “Yeah, but I love singing out of my comfort zone, I find it very scary. It turned out to be worse than I expected.” Loman thinks the blonde presenter deserves a round of applause. “That you dare to stand here. Well done for the program and the game too. Well done.” Maasland, referring to her cleavage: “I thought: I’ll focus all the attention on this. Then nobody’s going to pay attention to my voice.”

Von Raven is laughed at when it is revealed that he wrote ‘Sylvia Gines’ (it must be Sylvia Gerson). “I wrote to Gaines, because it’s not even Sylvia Gerson,” jokes Rotterdammer. Kroon had ‘Anouk Smulders’. Then we hear what van der Boom wrote. “First of all, I just want to tell you that you’re really selling yourself short. You’re really beautiful. You shouldn’t be erasing yourself when you’re singing. When you’re singing, you’re pretty young.” I mean, but it’s also a little bit because I’m trying to talk myself out of it. I was 100 percent sure I knew who it was. I had Kelly van der Veer, sorry.

Main description: Maasland had a major role KellyA picture about van der Veer, as the presenter once made fun of it elder brother-Mark. In 2007, Maasland and van der Veer beautiful mondePrize same dress. she looks in 2014 Show newstable when it comes to wearing the same dress to a prom. “I had that too, but a man had it with me. I could sink through the ground. In the documentary, Maasland goes into deep dust for this comment.

Curious about the singing arts of Maasland? You can watch the episode via RTL.

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Bridget Masland goes far beyond comfort zone in secret duet: ‘It turned out worse than I thought’

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