A world record holder, a maths prodigy and ‘The Little Messi’: what you need and want to know about Manchester City in the Champions League

D-day for Inter and Manchester City. Tonight, one of the two teams will win the Champions League (Following live on VTM from 8:30 PM). Citizen or Nerazzurri? De Bruyne and co are going for a historic ‘treble’, having already won the English league title and triumphed in the FA Cup final last week. We all know ‘King Cave’, but what can and should you know about his teammates? These are the eleven of the city.

What you need to know: Man City’s number one for six years. Came in 2017 for 40 million Euros. The fourth most expensive goalkeeper after Buffon (52 million, Juventus), Alisson (62 million, Liverpool) and Kepa (80 million, Chelsea).

what you should Know: World record holder. Kicked a dropkick in 2018 – dropping the ball and immediately kicking it – no less than 75.35 metres. Still the official Guinness World Record.

What you need to know: Complete protector. Swiss international with Nigerian roots. Snatched from Dortmund for nothing – 17.5 million euros. In terms of defence, Pep Guardiola leads the scoresheet.

what you should Know: The calculator. Ask him to calculate approximately 26 times 77 from memory, and a second later he gives the erroneous answer: 2002. Watch this YouTube video, you will be amazed.

What you need to know: Never played in the Netherlands as a professional. He moved from Feyenoord to Chelsea at the age of sixteen, eventually building a career in the Premier League. Fixed price behind Orange.

what you should Know: ‘Best Buddy’ by Kevin De Bruyne – Wives Michelle and Kaylee are close too. Can’t stand tickling. When he lies on the massage table, he is a perfect victim for De Bruyne to tease.


What you need to know: “Mister 100 percent.” Played three seasons with Manchester City, won the Premier League three times. The missing defensive puzzle piece that Guardiola had long sought.

what you should Know: Model Pro. There is a regular routine. Drink a shot of ginger and a vitamin drink every morning. Usually the sportsperson is the first one at the compound in the morning and jumps to the gym soon after breakfast.

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What you need to know: The final would be his last game for Manchester City. Want to take up a new challenge. Has 55 goals and 59 assists in 305 games for the Nationals. Brilliant in the semi-final against Real with two goals.

what you should Know: The cuddly bear of the group – good with everyone. In his youth at Benfica, he was called ‘Mesizinho’ – ‘Little Messi’. By the way, he played together with Ruben Dias. Both are inseparable.

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What you need to know: A central defender by nature. Guardiola has tuned him into the ‘false’ number six this season. With high pressure in possession, Stones plays as a midfielder, in loss of possession as a defender.

what you should Know: went viral after winning the national title in 2019. He showed great dance moves in the dressing room – you wouldn’t give him that immediately. The Vincent Company celebrated passionately.

What you need to know: Metronome in midfield. A nightmare for any opponent. Often keeps it simple, as Guardiola likes it. Dangerous in the steady phases, also scores with a lovely long shot.

what you should Know: He is sometimes made fun of in the players’ group. Because of his (sometimes too) serious attitude and especially his classic clothing style.

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What you need to know: Has a sister, Holly, who is disabled. Good with disabled children or (youth) supporters. If he can make them happy, he won’t let it go. Good hearted man

what you should Know: The British tabloids love her. Loves beautiful cars, women and parties. His Lamborghini Urus – new price: 240,000 Euros – was painted sky blue after the FA Cup victory. Manchester City Colours.

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What you need to know: Captain. Intelligent. Guardiola’s detail on the field. Coffee addiction. Scored the fastest ever goal in an FA Cup final last weekend, 14 seconds after kick-off.

what you should Know: In 2018 a photo with Manshaft teammate Mesut Özil and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan brought him much criticism. He was also booed by the German public during an international match.

Look These were Gundogan’s two goals in the FA Cup final

What you need to know: There’s still a place in the trophy cabinet. The Champions League is the only trophy still missing. Win her over and her career is up, right?

what you should Know: This could be an unforgettable month. They have already won the FA Cup (3 June). Today (June 10) he can add the Champions League to his tally, while he has the KDB Cup (June 9-11). He can play his 100th match for Belgium against Austria (June 17) or Estonia (June 20). And his birthday is 28th June. Please!

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What you need to know: 52 games, 52 goals. ‘enough said’. Nobody in the world scores more times. Goal Scoring Machine.

what you should Know: The great hero of is… Mason Million de Bruyn (6), Kevin’s eldest son. Her long blonde hair is already in a bun. “Erling is a superstar. I see that with the kids in Mason’s class, too,” says Kevin de Bruin.

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