BKS23: 1975 doesn’t need any blog headlines today

Look at Julian Casablancas, you do it like that! The 1975’s Matty Healy also stumbles across the stage as if he’s lost his way a bit. “Give yourself a try” mutters a pitiful look in the mirror. Also, almost knock over a room lamp when holding a bottle of red wine between the thumb and forefinger and a cigarette between the middle and ring fingers. But in the meantime he sings superslick, his seven-headed 1975 sounds like a clock and Matty knows just where to crouch down for a while to hold the camera and re-thick The Moment.

oh matty The man knows how to get attention. That too in ‘real’ life. Then intellectual Nepo baby throws out racist jokes about rapper Ice Spice in a right-edge comedy podcast. He cuts raw steak on stage. He briefly dated Taylor Swift. Tongtu on stage with fans one after the other. Makes headlines almost every week in Pitchfork and The Fader. oh matty A ‘fucking slack-jawed nonsense’, according to Noel Gallagher, another person with opinion incontinence.

Especially for the past two years, those controversies threatened to overshadow the music, but not today. Shoegaze anthem ‘About You’ sounds beautiful, slick heroin ode ‘It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You)’ sparkles on the setting sun and closing song ‘Sex’ is just a little more turned up. Lots of good pop songs being played today, not tunes from that last album. Best Kept boomers may think it’s spermicidal, but all the young girls out front are right. Those boomers need to shut up.

‘We’re a good band, we’re a good band!’ Mattie Healy screams. so be it.

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