Dina Tersago Introduces New Farmers to ‘Farmer Sixes Woman’, This Time Not Anonymous


The previous season has barely ended or the new farmers of ‘Boar Seeks Woman’ have already arrived. On Monday, Dina Tersago will introduce the new season’s contestants. For the first time since 2014, a farmer and a farmer’s wife immediately show their faces.

Five farmers and a farmer’s wife look forward to meeting the love of their lives in the sixteenth season farmer looking for wife, Regular presenter Dina Tersago invited the participants to Wimmertingen Castle for the occasion. Interested parties get to know the company better, based on children’s photos and testimonials from friends and family.

no longer anonymous

Notable: An old format will return this season. The farmers have always been introduced anonymously in the last four seasons. The candidates who have registered to win the heart of farmer or farmer’s wife have not yet seen the face. This time the anonymity is completely over. You can also see how farmers participate in glamorous photoshoots during the call episodes. This is in contrast to their daily craft.

“After a few editions of ‘Blind in Love’, in which we barely featured farmers on call, we thought it would be great to take a completely different approach,” says VTM program spokesman Tine Denscheiter. “We gather at a castle where they all dress up for an elaborate photo shoot to present themselves in their Easter present to all the willing bachelors.”

Information’The Farmer Seeks The Woman: Episode 1 To Watch On Monday, June 12 at 8:35 PM on VTM

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