Fans wait at the Zigo Dome for transport after Harry Styles’ concert

Also around Johan Cruyff Arena, several groups of people were still sitting or standing in the street around midnight, waiting for transportation home.

Due to the train failure, many visitors to Harry Styles’ concert had to seek alternative transportation. Water is distributed around midnight at the entrance of Jigo Dome. People can also sit there on the chairs and charge their phones. Although there is no room for all, some people sit on the floor.

“We still have a long way to go and we have a long way to go,” say Ressa and Liske, 18, who have to return to Leeuwarden. They first have to wait till they are picked up and then go home. They say that despite all the problems the two had a great time.

For many others, the evening is a bit ruined. ‘We’ll be here until at least 02:30,’ say the two girls who have come this far from Belgium. Besides, he was also delayed on the way there. They were just in time for the show. Isa, 18, and Tess, 16, also have to go to school on Monday.

A 42-year-old woman says, ‘We have to go to Brooklyn and there just aren’t any trains going.’ “But I won’t be going to school tomorrow,” replied her 17-year-old daughter. His mother is a reporter in a local newspaper. ‘I hope the trains run tomorrow morning and I can reach Brooklyn in time.’

Some other waiting fans say they left before the concert to catch a train. ‘And then we saw that they had fallen. So we missed the end of Harry Styles and we are disappointed about that.”

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