Kenneth proposed to Inge during the title party on the grounds of Antwerp: “The date is already tattooed on my arm” (Jupiler Pro League)

Sunday 4th June turned out to be a day to forget for Kenneth De Visscher (38). Not only did the Antwerp fan see the club of his heart win the title, but he also won over his girlfriend. Kenneth proposed to her in a blissful tawny owl and from then on he can call Inge de Winter (35) his future. “We’ve been living on a pink cloud for days,” says Kenneth. “No, the red one,” Inge says next to her fiancé.

hans van gyl

What started as a barbecue ended up as a marriage proposal at Bossuille’s. One thanks to Toby Alderweireld. With the engagement ring in her pocket and a fair share of nerves, a combination of tension and nervousness heading for the proposal, Kappelenaar went to see Kenneth and Inge at friends’ homes in Genk – Antwerp.

“When Toby scored, we went to De Bossil to celebrate. I got down on my knee during the celebration,” explained Kenneth. “I didn’t really see it coming. At first I thought it was a joke, but Kenneth was serious. Of course I said an emphatic ‘yes’. I’m already busy planning”, laughed Inge, who grew up in Shoten. (read more below photo)

During the ceremony at the Grote Markt in Antwerp. , © RR

If Alderweireld had not scored, the engagement would not have taken place yet. “I knew she wanted to propose in a unique way. Luckily, the equalizer fell which gave us the title, otherwise I would have had to come up with something else.

the date is already dead

After the successful proposal, there was still much celebration in Bosseuil on Sunday and the engaged couple were also present again during the ceremony on Monday’s Grote Markt. “I have been a fan of Antwerp for a long time, as a customer for the past fifteen years. After the festival, I took my regular bench from Tribune 2 home with me,” says Kenneth.

“And I’m a fan too”, said Inge. “But due to the membership being discontinued, I cannot watch every home game. At home against Club Brugge (When Antwerp went red in the last minute to win 3–2.) I was there and then it was such madness.

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Like many other Antwerp fans, Kenneth had a tattoo of the first national title for the RAFC from 1957. “Title day: June 4, 2023. And so was our engagement date. A day to never forget. Everyone celebrated double, but for us it was a party of three. I already had a few There were tattoos, but it shouldn’t be missing”, concluded Kenneth.

The coat of arms of Antwerp, the RAFC logo and the cathedral, below and above the title/date of engagement. , © RR

During the title party at Bossuil. , © RR

Tattoo and engagement ring. , © RR

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