Queer icons Madonna and Sam Smith release single ‘Vulgar’

Sam Smith fans were inside on May 31 Highest state of excitement. His idol posted a cryptic picture on Instagram, a black and white photo of what appears to be the legs of a man lying on a bed. The message raised many questions, but they were answered almost simultaneously with an Instagram photo of Madonna. In this black and white photo, we see someone with a corset tied around her waist. The initials ‘S&M’ and the word ‘vulgar’ are written on the photo. With this message Madonna officially announced her Cooperation with Sam Smith, which led to great joy among fans of both the actors.


Sam Smith Picked Madonna as a Non-Binary Singer for a Reason Popular icon for the LGBT community. The pop queen has been speaking out for people in the LGBT community since the 1980s. it was her dance teacher Christopher Flynn who introduced Madonna to gay nightclubs. A new world opened up for him, where he was accepted with open arms.

“For the first time I saw men kissing men, girls dressed as boys, boys in tight pants… People were full of freedom, joy and happiness because I never seen before“, she explained during her speech at the GLAAD Awards in May 2016. The diva was already advocating for diversity at the time. It was also in these clubs that her music first became popular.

fight against aids

In her 1989 album Like a Prayer, the Queen of Pop showed her concern for the fate of the gay community, especially during the gay devastating aids epidemic Which flared up in that decade. In the album she included a pamphlet explaining what AIDS is and how to protect yourself from it.

strange mark

Her extreme femininity not only attracted queer people, but she became one sex symbols and representatives of the LGBT community. Her extravagant costumes and colorful make-up were adopted by drag queens, but Madonna also liked to use dance styles and other trends from the LGBT community. For example, her 1990 album ‘Vogue’ has a song for her “the trend”. This dance style originated in the 1970s and was inspired by the distinctive movements of models. At that time, mainly drag queens, gays and trans people competed against each other in special competitions to be the best at practicing this dance form. Madonna brought this little-known dance form to life in no time popular all around the world became.

Despite her continued support for the LGBT community, Madonna never expressed preference For people of the same sex. But he has broken taboos by, among other things, kissing his musical colleagues Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera on the mouth during an MTV Video Music Awards presentation in 2003. With this remarkable initiative, Madonna contributed mindset change Which is worth noting even today.

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