Britney Spears’ ex and father accuses singer of using crystal meth Show

Britney Spears’ ex Kevin Federline accused the singer of drug use with her father. Speaking to the Daily Mail, the two, who have long had a strained relationship with the singer, say they fear Britney will die of an overdose.

“I fear she is using crystal meth,” Federline told the British tabloid. He and Spears have two sons, Preston, 17, and Jaden, 16. Britney’s ex says he gets scared every time the phone rings. “I fear the worst news. I don’t want the boys to wake up one day and find that their mother has overdosed.” Federline receives $40,000 monthly in child support from Britney.

Kevin Federline shared his concerns with journalist Daphne Barak, a documentary filmmaker currently working on a documentary about Britney Spears and her family. Prior to this, she had close contact with Federline and his family. She writes that Federline told her: “I keep praying in the hope that someone will be public and it will wake her up. It’s terrible. She’s the mother of my sons.” Barack says the story is supported by sons Preston and Jaden, who both claim to have seen someone close to their mother distributing drugs (or something similar).

Both boys now live full time with their father and his new wife, Victoria. The two are doing well with the help of Britney’s child support, but that could soon change. Spears would like to reduce her monthly alimony to $20,000 (€18,578) a month in September – when Preston turns 18. Maybe that’s why Federline’s family wants to go to Hawaii. Child support can be increased there, so after Preston’s 18th birthday. If Brittany doesn’t give him permission, Kevin wants to take her to court to force her to make the move.

Britney has been under supervision since 2008 after suffering a nervous breakdown in 2007. As a result, her father managed the singer’s finances and appointments. That supervision expires in 2021.

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