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Joseph Mazzello in Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park.  image

Joseph Mazzello in Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park.

opium on Oryol

NPO 2 at 7:50 PM

culture magazine opium Music and theater festivals have settled again in the dunes of Terscheling for the traditional annual report of Oriol. Over the next five evenings, presenter Cornald Maas talks to well-known Dutch people about their cultural interests. Joining us today are Hedy d’Ancona and daughter Hadassah de Boer. Together they discuss an oriole display they saw earlier in the day. Rob Kemps and Frits Spitz, among others, will be visiting in the coming days. There is also a daily performance by S10 with changing musical guests.

Bad Boys II

Veronica at 8:25 pm

(Action, Michael Bay, 2003) Bad Boys II Begins with the same premise as the first part: Narcotics agents Will Smith and Martin Lawrence have to form another drug cartel. The difference is that Tamasha director Bay indulges in a lot more audiovisual decadence here. The long-awaited third part of Flemish film duo Adil El Arbi and Bilal Fallah hits cinemas in early 2020, bad boys for LifeWhich ranked third in the list of best-grossing films internationally of that year due to the Corona virus.

Martin Lawrence in Michael Bay's Bad Boys II.  image

Martin Lawrence in Michael Bay’s Bad Boys II.

Jurassic Park

Veronica, 8:30 PM

(Adventure, Steven Spielberg, 1993) Jaws On dry land, this is how Steven Spielberg once graded his dinosaur film cycle himself. But where his suspenseful shark film is praised today – especially for a blockbuster – for the sophisticated psychology of the characters, Jurassic Park A little darker than Michael Crichton’s semi-scientific novel Threepence, which served as the basis for the script and was itself heavily inspired by Conan Doyle’s classic expedition novel the Lost World (1912). Spielberg’s prehistoric adventure is a movie like a fairground ride: filled with thunderous chase scenes and lifelike dinosaurs. Due to its realistic portrayal of the sharp-toothed primordial creatures, the film is regarded in Hollywood game changer A film that started a new era.


SBS 9, 8:30 PM

(Humors, David O. Russell, 2015) Pleasure The creator of the Miracle Mop is based on the story of inventor Joy Mangano. On paper, this is the American dream at its best: an inventive woman who rots as a family slave, overcomes countless adversities and revolutionizes mopping. Director David O’Russell presents that dream as a fairy tale. Everything seems to be happening in an extreme reality, with evil family members who communicate with each other mainly by shouting, and a fairy-like grandmother. With a stellar performance from Russell’s muse, Jennifer Lawrence.

Jennifer Lawrence in Joy by David O. Russell.  image

Jennifer Lawrence in Joy by David O. Russell.

2Doc: The Beast of Amsterdam

NPO 2 at 8.30 PM

In the 1960s, John Bluming introduced karate to Europe, specifically karate full touchThe variant that would become the precursor to kickboxing and MMA. Blooming became an international martial arts legend whose life revolved around fighting; In the ring, on the road and during the Korean War. in the documentary animal of amsterdam Vuk Janic portrays Blooming, 85, shortly before his death in 2018. After two TIAs, there is not much left of his once imposing body and he wanders a house full of memories of the past.

Hessel 1985

Canvas, 9:20 PM

In 1985, the European Cup 1 final between Liverpool and Juventus was played at the Heysel Stadium in Brussels. After a stampede broke out in one of the supporters’ compartments, 39, mainly Italian, were killed. Because even more chaos was expected in the event of a cancellation, the game was played anyway. Frank Raze was present at the play as a reporter and made a three-part documentary. Hessel 1985In which he talks to supporters, support personnel, players and match organisers. Each episode is told from a different point of view.

best interests

BBC1, 10pm

Marnie is the daughter of Andrew and Nicci (Michael Sheen and Sharon Horgan) and has a life-threatening condition. When her parents hear from doctors that it is in Marnie’s best interest to let her die, they face a major dilemma. new four part drama series best interests The play was written by author Jack Thorne harry potter and the cursed child, Thorne suffers from a chronic skin disease and has been outspokenly critical of society’s treatment of people with the condition.

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