First bachelorette night at De Linde: “The end of The Magic Flute doesn’t mean the end of our friendship” (Ranst)

Monday’s bachelorette night at the dance at De Tovarfluite/Brasserie Villa Ria is always a blast. Over the years, the visitors have become one big family. So Eddy and Rhea felt that they could not leave their customers to their fate after the closure. Since 2016 Christophe Piette, the manager of the Brasserie de Linde next to the windmill in Olegem, was himself a customer of De Toverfluit. Gradually they became friends too. When Rhea and Eddy knock on his door to handle the bachelor party, he agrees.

Eddy and Rhea from the late de Toverflute with Christophe van de Linde. Eddie and Riya come to meet their clients. , © km

“Tuesday is my closing day, so we can take it up a notch on Monday. Usually it’s mainly a restaurant, but even Ben Crabbe comes here to perform. We push the tables to the side and dance.” place to do.

Eddy and Rhea have already met with clients this weekend for introductions and helped with reception and service on Monday. “It’s something new for Christophe and his team. They’re not used to suddenly having upwards of 120 people. We’re doing it once, next Monday it’s up to them,” says Eddie. “I’ll make sure the D. Prins Jr. band is coming to perform.”

Anita Selemans will find her way. , © km

dance floor small

There was a lot of dancing right away, but sometimes there were fights too, as the dance floor is very small. It is also no longer a wooden floor, but a tile floor. “It takes some getting used to, but the service is very friendly. And you make fun of yourself”, say Norbert ‘Nobby’ van Pelt (77) and his wife Rita Sewels (70), who come from Braaschat. They are not single, but they have been loyal visitors to De Toverfluit for ten years “It’s a little further for us, but we’ll keep coming.”

“It’s also a way to keep in touch,” says Guido’s wife, a resident of the bachelor nights for seventeen years, who has now moved to De Linde. “The Magic Flute has always been one big family. Luckily, the end of the case doesn’t mean the end of our friendship.

Mia Celis (86) from Prateik is twice widowed, but still loves to dance. She will now also dance in De Linde on Mondays.

© km

dog hair

In comes Mark Shabon (59) from Masek. “Like the hair on a dog”, he describes the atmosphere on the dance floor with the Limburgish proverb. “You’re close together. I hadn’t been to De Toverflute for three weeks and I was shocked that the place was closed.” Is Mark Single? “I have a girlfriend of 4.5 years, but she is not with us tonight. I’m just here chatting with my ex, who I’ve been with for a long time.”

Anita Selemans (73) from Halle-Zörsel is single and she loves dancing. “I’m still sorry that De Tovarflute is closed, but we will adapt.”

© km

According to Eddy van den Reek, it’s going to be all right. “Now the sliding window is open, but Christophe must put up a tent with heating here for the winter.”

Parking pressure was great at the Windmill and De Linde parking lots, but it just worked. A tip for all those single men out there: don’t pee in public at all mill. A man was even urinating in the dog meadow, while De Linde also has toilets inside.

Norbert Van Pelt with his hat from De Toverfluet. , © km

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