Olivier Vandecastelle reacts for first time since returning: “Deeply inspired by all the support, I’m doing well”

Olivier Vandecastille speaks at length for the first time since the prisoner swap with Iran. The man says in a press release that he is “deeply moved” by all the support he has received. “I am slowly getting in touch with another reality.”

Guy Stevens

“I’ve been back in Belgium for five days now and I’m doing well,” Vandecastille wrote in the press release. After 455 days in an Iranian cell, he was deported back to our country last Friday, after being exchanged with Iranian terrorist Assadullah Asadi. “After fifteen months of unjust imprisonment, I am slowly coming into contact with a different reality, namely a beautiful week in our dear democratic Belgium. The contrast is wonderful. I am closely monitored by a medical team who She helps me in many ways. I thank her very much for this.”

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Vandecastille did not realize in Iran how much support he received from our country during his imprisonment, he writes. “Because I had no direct access to information from the outside world during my thirteen months in solitary confinement, I had no idea of ​​the magnitude of the mobilization in Belgium and abroad. I am deeply touched by the extent of your support. I am amazed at all your actions and attention – small and big. Now I find myself searching all forums, petitions, columns, banners, drawings, cards and letters from friends, colleagues, students, academics, artists, athletes etc. Freedom. Donate

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He says that along with the support, the efforts of the government also made a difference and helped his story have a happy ending. “This support was also essential in getting my family and friends through this storm. I will never be able to thank them enough for putting up with this for fifteen months. I would really love to get in touch with you all again, but I have to take this quietly. Slowly but surely, as the saying goes.”

“Lastly, I want to thank you so much for the kindness that has surrounded me and my family since my return. There is so much love, which allows us to reconnect quietly and discreetly. Let’s continue to fight for the release of other innocent hostages around the world and actively support projects that promote the values ​​of humanity, solidarity and hope. This world, which is sometimes very scary, desperately needs it. Is.

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