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celebritiesOn the new season of ‘The Kardashians,’ Khloe talks about the birth of her son Tatum. Not only did she have a completely different name when she was born than she does today, three months after the fact she still felt no connection to the child. “I feel guilty because it was very different with my first daughter.”

Khloe had baby Tatum with Tristan Thompson, with whom she also shares her daughter True. Their relationship had many ups and downs, as he cheated on her several times and ended in a breakup. Tatum was born to a surrogate mother, and things got really bad between Khloe and Tristan when she was pregnant. As a result, she didn’t have much time to sit on a pink cloud, and she didn’t feel like it even after the birth of her second child, she confesses.

In the third episode of the season, she explains to mom Chris, “I feel guilty.” “It’s been three months, I’m sitting here alone at home with my kids and I still don’t feel any connection with my son.” Tatum was also originally given the last name Kardashian instead of Thompson. Later, when his parents could go through a door again, it was changed to his father’s surname.

better relationship with true

“It was completely different with the truth,” it seems. She gave birth to her daughter through natural delivery. “Initially I felt the same way, but it only lasted for a day or two. After that I totally realized, ‘Wow, I’m your mom’ and I loved that. I bonded with him very fast. It’s been several months now! I love him and I love seeing the kids, but I’m definitely not fully committed to him yet. Everyone says it takes time for something like this to happen, but I think that’s weird. Not that I treat him any differently, but sometimes I question myself.

only friendship

‘Momager’ Chris reminds her daughter of the trauma she endured during her surrogate mother’s pregnancy. “You have to give yourself some credit,” she says. “You have just been through a very difficult time and you still have to process it. That bond will come naturally. The recordings for the current season are of course already dated. Today, Tatum is almost a year older and Khloe seems to have found a connection with her son.

Meanwhile, Khloe says she has hooked up with ex-partner Tristan. “I don’t want a relationship with her anymore, I’m very clear about that. But I’m glad she’s ready to have kids. Instead of a nanny, I want her to be able to take care of them in between. But when the kids are around If it weren’t for him he wouldn’t be hanging around my house.It would never be more than friendship between us.

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