Madonna and Sam Smith shocked by vulgar song

A combination we didn’t immediately see coming, but it actually works great; Madonna with Sam Smith. The 64-year-old Queen of Pop and the 31-year-old singer-songwriter have collaborated on a song and it can be heard now. Vulgar, it is called. You can probably already guess that this is not a romantic love song. It is not well known what the fans think about the song, so the first opinions are quite divided. But.. the text is a bit striking.

Madonna and Sam Smith surprise with fierce lyrics in vulgar song

Sam Smith and Madonna are both known for not caring much about what people think of them. Tasty of course, because in this way you make life much easier for yourself. Sam himself is non-binary and a lot of people don’t understand how he lives his life, but of course it’s up to him. This is of course not due to Sam himself, his attire often leads to misunderstandings. But it is what we like, put what you want. Madonna has also gone through a complete transformation. She’s undoubtedly been the queen of pop for years, but she’s also going wild at the moment – to the extreme. She does not shy away from plastic surgery and loves to shock with striking performances and bizarre outfits.

Well, the new vlogger is right in the vein of Sam and Madonna. After the Grammy Awards, both went to the studio and made this song. Some kind of message, for all the people who don’t get it. with like lyrics ‘Go to hell, you heard me bitch. Say our fuckin’ names And ‘So watch what you say or I’ll break your banana’ Makes this pairing of fans somewhat baffled.

huge mess

For example, Madonna’s Instagram is full of misogyny: “Don’t like the words of that song. You’re a woman in your 60’s and you act like you’re 25, why don’t you find some better stuff. You’re not a good role model especially for your kids. And “Madonna’s musical downfall continues. It was just a mess. It’s definitely porn, the artist doesn’t hide it. So yeah, mission accomplished. As a promo they use photos with S&M on them, which of course refers to the initials of their names.

Or yes, a form of sex. Whatever you like.

Yet it is already liked by many. For example, it has already been labeled as the ‘Pride Anthem’.

What is your opinion about this song? Listen below:

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Madonna and Sam Smith surprise with fierce lyrics in vulgar song

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