Terrorist Asadi’s wife exchanged with Olivier Vandecastille accuses Belgium of “torture”

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The wife of Iranian diplomat Assadullah Asadi, who was exchanged for Olivier Vandecastelle, accused Belgium of torturing her husband. This is reported by the Iranian news agency IRNA (Islamic Republic News Agency) via Twitter.

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Just as Belgium accused Iran of conducting a mock trial, similarly Iran also believes that the trial in our country was a mock trial. But the allegations of harassment go a step further. IRNA reports that Asadi’s wife is now testifying about “torture by the Belgian government”.

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According to the woman, her husband was also ill-treated in the German cell where he was before being extradited to Belgium. There they would have had poor access to potable water.

In Belgium, where Asadi was imprisoned for 1,789 days according to his wife, the convicted diplomat was asked to spend 100 days in a cell that is actually intended for prisoners with mental disabilities, IRNA reports. In addition, Asadi is said to have spent 28 days in the “water bunker” naked. It is not clear what specifically such a bunker is.

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In the end, according to his wife, Asadi may have spent three months in solitary confinement. According to Tehran, Asadi’s detention was always illegal by definition, as he would have had diplomatic immunity.

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