Tom Holland gives disappointing Spider-Man 4 update

Where is the fourth Spider-Man? There’s a big update for Tom Holland fans, but it’s not exactly the news we were expecting.

after the tremendous success of beyond the spider-verse We’re hungry for more Spider-Man. Fortunately, the animation film is a diptych, and a sequel will be released next year: beyond spider-verse The cinema of March 29, 2024 is on the agenda.

spider man everywhere

Plus, there are many more Spideys to come. Sony recently unveiled a second open world game starring the superhero, and several live-action Spider-Man series are coming to Prime Video thanks to an ambitious deal between Sony and Amazon. yes, spidey gets his Cinematic Universe. Marvel Studios will surely be watching with envy.

After all, the iconic character comes from the Marvel stable, but in less lucrative times the comic giant had to buy the film rights to Peter Parker and co. forced to relocate. A move that still haunts him decades later, especially after the superhero movie explosion.

what about peter parker?

But hey, we don’t mind as fans. Also: All of those series are cool, but where’s Tom Holland? He Is Peter Parker. Recently, Amy Pascal, producer of the Spider-Man movies, reassured us. Yes, a new film is in the works, and yes, Marvel Studios is still on board. Now there’s even more good (and bad) news.

After all Holland himself has commented on whose successor Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021). During a recent interview with Inverse, Holland stated that “there’s definitely something happening” with the self-titled album. spider man 4 And she is “excited about it”. “Whether it will come true or not, who’s to say?” Added actor. It seems less certain. “But at the moment it looks good and we just have to wait and see.”

tom holland workout ems training spider man no way home
Tom Holland as Peter Parker (Image: Sony)

Very early

The 27-year-old actor recently confirmed that there are talks about a fourth film, but that grasp Because of the writers strike in Hollywood. So yes, the ball has started rolling, but fans will have to be patient for a long time: “There have been talks several times, but at the moment it’s still very, very early stageHolland said. So very quickly.

That’s useless. Bad news too. just a little timeline: By December 2021, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige and Spidey creator Amy Pascal had already confirmed that they were already actively developing Spider-Man’s future within the MCU. In May 2022, Sony CEO Tom Rothman indicated the company would respond quickly spider man 4 is expected to begin, “ideally again with director Jon Watts and stars Tom Holland and Zendaya.”

July 2024

That same year, fans were thrilled with a rumor that surfaced in October. Then came the news that Sony Pictures is expected to release the film in July 2024. A month later, news emerged that Tom Holland had signed on for more Spidey films, something that was clear at the time. The young star has already said goodbye to the character on several occasions.

Then we come to this year: Last February, Kevin Feige confirmed that the writing process for the film had begun. “All I want to say is that we have the story,” Feige said. “We have big ideas for it and our writers are now putting pen to paper.” But yes, it was definitely before the strikes that are still going on. A factor that delays many movies and series.

spider-man movies cinema miles morales
Miles in the Spider-Verse (Image: Sony)

Tom Holland and Miles Morales

July 2024 is therefore becoming more improbable by the day. Well, there’s still plenty of Spider-Man on the schedule in the meantime, though fans should mainly do it with Miles Morales instead of Peter Parker. He is Spider-Man in the new Spider-Verse movies as well as the PlayStation game. In fact, Tom Holland even hopes that black Spider-Man will also come to the MCU in live action: “I would be honored to bring Miles Morales into the world of live action,” Holland said. “I don’t know how we’re going to do that, but if I get the chance, I’d like to get on with it.”

This would fit into the picture of the MCU. In fact, Marvel Studios has been hinting at a Miles Morales debut since 2017. In Spider-Man: Homecoming Jack-of-all-trades Donald Glover plays Miles’ uncle, Aaron Davis, also known as Prowler. In that film, his character also indirectly mentions Miles: “I have a nephew who lives in this area as well.” me too no way home There was a clear reference. Jamie Foxx, as Electro in that film, said, “There has to be a black Spider-Man somewhere, right?” Yes, we hope so too. In the meantime, get in the mood with Nike’s gorgeous Spider-Man sneakers.

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Tom Holland gives disappointing Spider-Man 4 update

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