‘We awaken the warrior within you’

We can’t wait to see Robbie Williams or P! How would you like to see NK’s look? No, not The Who, but the popular metal band from Mongolia! With their unique blend of heavy guitars and guttural vocals, they have already gathered a huge fan base including Metallica, Megadeth and Elton John. Frontman Galbadrakh ‘Gala’ Tsendbaatar explains the success, an interpreter translates from Mongolian.

joshua migneau

– You attack first Landgraf and then Wercher: What can we expect?

Festival « We associate heavy metal with Mongolian folk music, which is played on modern and traditional instruments. Hunnarok, we call it. We hope to awaken the inner warrior in everyone who visits the festival.

– What is an ideal time to listen to Hu?

Festival ,dwayne ‘rock’ Johnson Our single ‘Wolf Totem’ blasts through the speakers during his strength training. Focus and energy, that’s who I am.”

– How do you deal with the language barrier?

Festival “It doesn’t create any real problems, you know. After all, music is something universal: you don’t have to understand our lyrics to understand our message. Things only go wrong when we say something in between songs.” Let’s try. How wild Jaya ,Nyamjantsan Galsanjamts, juz veena/tsur/zang, ed.) recently declared their love to the public and shouted: ‘I love boys!’ He meant, of course, “I love you guys!” When we pointed out her mistake with wild gestures, she corrected herself: ‘We like boys!’ (dozen laughs)»

The Who plays Pinkpop on 16/06 and Rock Werchter on 30/06.

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