After previous miscarriage, The Starlings await arrival of their first child: “It was extra exciting in the beginning”

Cato Callebaut and Tom Dice. , © Inge Kinnett

Cato Callebaut and Tom Dice of music duo The Starlings are expecting their first child. The couple has already had a miscarriage. Now they don’t want to be scared all the time.

This week on ‘By Everyone’ Kato and Tom excitedly talk about pregnancy. Kato says she quickly realized she was pregnant again: “We knew very quickly. It was extra exciting in the beginning, because of that miscarriage experience, you have hope that everything will be okay. But we It’s still exciting, but the doctors have reassured us. We are no longer worried about what could go wrong.”

A year ago, the couple told the Cook & Verhulst show on Play4 that she had a miscarriage shortly after their wedding.

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Kato says about TODAY: “When we announced that we had lost our child, we received an overwhelming number of responses, especially from people who had been through a similar situation. It helped me a lot, I felt less alone. There are still people who message to share their story. Normally you start your pregnancy very happily, but if you have had a miscarriage as a couple, be careful. waiting. Mind you, we were very happy, but in a different way.

Father-to-be Tom Dice says he is determined to enjoy every day. “You can’t predict what’s coming, so let’s just be positive, it’s meant to be. I haven’t forgotten what we’ve been through, but I wake up every morning with a smile and such energy.” Woke up with, which I have never got in my life.”

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