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A start was made on Saturday, 3 June with the establishment of a foundation to promote sustainability in Adam-Volendam. During the meeting at the former police station in Volendam, there were many people with a heart for the subject. Initiatives Kevin Bond, Chantal Kappens, Antoine Maartens, Heini Schilder and Nico van Straalen have charted a path that will lead to the foundation of the Sustainable Adam-Volendam Foundation. Photo core case

“Our municipality has countless initiatives in the area of ​​sustainability and energy saving. Everyone sees the need to do something about it. Many private individuals have better insulated their homes, installed solar panels or heat Have bought a pump. Some houses are also energy neutral. Every company in the municipality has a sustainability policy and the municipality also has high ambitions. The municipality has a lot of technical know-how.

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Late last year, a group of enthusiasts from different backgrounds brainstormed about the possibility of bundling different sustainability initiatives. This has now resulted in the idea of ​​establishing a foundation separate from municipality and politics, which can elevate the ambitions of joint sustainability to a higher level.

“Initially, a national search was carried out for sustainability initiatives in other municipalities. Earlier this year, the enthusiasm grew even more when we had a well-attended event with a presentation of ‘Dorpen van Morgen’ from the municipality of Dulfsen. held a meeting. Then we prepared a preliminary memorandum that was discussed with the municipality. The plan went well. The municipality is investigating how to provide real (financial) support for the foundation to be set up this spring which has its own mission separate from that of the municipality.

During the presentation it was clarified that the mission ‘Neutralize Adam-Volendam energy’ is central and should be accelerated. Raising awareness and stimulating ideas is one of the aims.

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This will be done through a website and (social) media. It will display incentive schemes and can act as a source of information for citizens. There will also be lectures and a sustainability market.

As examples of national and local projects, the so-called Hofjes project, cooperative small-scale energy purchasing, solar on companies and the Waterdam power plant are cited.

The Foundation seeks to operate independently, but in cooperation with the municipality. There are no politically connected individuals on the board. The starting point is that the public interest will be served and not the individual interest.

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