Why do women date younger men?

In general, we see that women are less likely to date men younger than themselves or men of similar age. Even if you look at your parents or friends’ parents. Often a man is only a (few) year older. how did that happen? And is there a specific reason for this?

We learn from many studies that older, experienced women do not prefer dating younger men. However, they indicate that they would like to do so sometime. So what’s stopping the ladies? Are men less likely to be mature and therefore too childish for many women?

When is someone too young or too old for today?

You must have heard of ‘rules’. It has to do with age difference. what is acceptable The ‘rule’ is as follows: ‘half the age plus seven’. No one knows where those seven came from. Somewhere plus seven clearly seems to be somewhat acceptable. If we do a quick calculation, it seems somewhat logical.

are you 30? So your partner’s age should be at least 22. are you 50? So your partner’s age should be at least 32. Of course dating with an age difference is subjective. For example, one thinks something is possible and the other doesn’t. However, we all would be surprised if someone is 90 years old and his partner is 30 years old. Everyone has his thing anyway.

Then how does Leonardo DiCaprio do it? He is notorious for never dating anyone over the age of 25. Leo himself is 48 years old. In theory, his partner should be ‘at least’ 31. Okay, we can’t all be Leonardo DiCaprio either.

Research: Women are less likely to date younger men

If we do some quick research we see the following facts. On average, Dutch men are about 2.5 years older than their wives when they marry. An anthropological study compared 37 cultures around the world. In all 37 cultures, men were older than their wives on average.

Several studies have shown that men are more likely to fall for youthful features. But where do these different desires come from? Emeritus Professor Johan van der Denen wrote a book about this, the nature of the sexes, His book takes us back many years when we still had to hunt for our food. The most successful strategy at the time was to pass on our genes. The younger the woman, the greater the chances of a successful multiple pregnancy. The more powerful and powerful a man is, the better he can protect his weak offspring.

The modern world looks very different, the book says, but we still feel those evolutionarily determined desires. ‘And so men are more attracted to signs of still-young fertility, and women more to signs of strength and power,’ explains Van der Denen. Not politically correct, but clearly biologically logical.

So why are women less likely to date younger men? According to several studies, this is why women are less interested in a man’s youthful characteristics, such as smooth skin or shiny hair. On average, they place more importance on higher socioeconomic status, which often increases with age. Females also often mature slightly faster and this makes a one to five year old male more attractive than a one to five year old male.

In the end, of course, everyone should date who they want to. Don’t let yourself be fooled into believing that there is a certain ‘rule’ you must follow. Follow your own rules.

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