Actor gets unexpected blow from Jennifer Lawrence during ‘The Hunger Games’

Jennifer Lawrence is only 32 years old but has already starred in several huge movies and blockbusters. Her most famous role is that of Katniss Everdeen. hunger gamesFranchise, something he enjoyed. However, not everything went smoothly…

Lawrence has often said that she is very grateful for the role. It was also her big break and she has had many roles since then. Not only this, the actress would like to return for more hunger gamesAdventures.

may or may not
However, this chance seems rather small. All hunger gamesThe movies are based on the books and every book by Katniss Everdeen has already been made into a movie. Actor Josh Hutcherson probably doesn’t mind that Lawrence doesn’t return.

Hutcherson starred in several hunger gamesThere is also a very important role in the movies, namely Peeta Mellark. At one point he had to shoot a fight scene with Lawrence, where he had to kick Lawrence. However, it turned out wrong.

Lawrence said she might kick out the entire actor. Hutcherson trusted the actress, but he probably shouldn’t have. The moment Lawrence walks out, she kicks him full in the face. As a result, Hutcherson also suffered a stroke…

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