Fitz’s bar cocktails revive The Great Gatsby

Not only is Fitz's located in the basement of the Pillows Hotel, it also recently featured a rooftop bar.  Image: Hannah Bults

Not only is Fitz’s located in the basement of the Pillows Hotel, it also recently featured a rooftop bar.Image: Hannah Bults

the film the great Gatsby (2013) features a famous shot of Leonardo DiCaprio dressed in a smart suit and raising a martini cocktail to toast with a benevolent smile. It’s this atmosphere that Fitz Bar, a new cocktail bar in the east, seeks to emerge.

Bar manager Nick Vreelink (28), himself dressed in an impeccable white tuxedo, was inspired by the American roaring Twenties. “That was the golden age of cocktails,” he says. “And now we’re kind of in the Roaring Twenties.”

Fitz’s is located in the basement of the Pillows Hotel near Oosterpark. This building used to be an anatomy lab, and a dissecting room was located downstairs. Today, space is anything but clinical. Deep, intimate tones of wood panels and soft leather seats prevail. It takes little effort to imagine the hustle and bustle of the night here, muffled piano tones and clinking whiskey glasses.

The bar is large, bright and well stocked. Fitz’s menu has twelve cocktails, prices range from 17 to 22 euros. Vreelink effortlessly lists the ingredients of an entry-level cocktail Chanel No. 1, inspired by the legendary scent. at 5: “Bobby’s gin, rose liqueur, rhubarbero (‘a rhubarb bitter’), vanilla and a little champagne acid to balance.

When asked about his most expensive product, he pulls out a large, angular bottle from behind the bar: “The Macallan M Copper. A glass costs 750 euros. Last weekend, a guest ordered two more rounds. .

tap pic hannah bults

Image: Hannah Bults

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fitz bar

Mauritskade 61, ex.

What is in a name

Fitz’s is named after American author F. Scott Fitzgerald, best known for the great Gatsby,

up on the roof

Fitz’s recently opened a rooftop bar in Pillows. It’s open from 4pm to 8pm and there are six seasonal cocktails on the menu.

cocktail champion

Bar manager Nick Vreelink qualified as national bartending champion for the IBA World Cocktail Championships in Rome last year.

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