Giant Sinkhole in Amsterdam: “Clinker Bricks Are Flying All Around You”

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A huge sinkhole formed in the center of Amsterdam on Wednesday morning. The damage to the environment is huge. “I’ve already fallen through the floor twice.”

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A water pipe burst on the Dijksgracht near the city’s central station at around 5 am on Wednesday. “It’s a mains water pipe. There’s so much, you can crawl through it,” says Willem Velthoven, founder of the nearby arts center and restaurant Mediamatic. Will blow around the ears. All the sand from the street is in our building now and it’s blowing all kinds of places.

Not only has a pond of sorts been formed in the street, but a lot of sand has also washed away under the surrounding buildings. Everything has ground to a halt in Mediamatic buildings. It is likely that entire floors will have to be replaced and there will also be major damage to, for example, the kitchen. “I myself have fallen through the floor twice,” says Velthoven. “If you’re not careful, you’ll sink half a meter and break your knee. It’s like walking on ice.”

Water has now been shut off to the area by the water company Waternet. Excavation is being done to locate the leak. And a water truck is on the way to provide drinking water to local residents, not least because of the hot weather.

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