Is Beyonce raising our inflation with her concerts?

Many tourists have flocked to Sweden for the start of Beyoncé’s world tour. As a result, hotels and restaurants raised prices and inflation was higher than expected. tweeted Michael Grahn, chief economist at Danske Bank.

Beyoncé will perform her Renaissance World Tour at the Johan Cruyff Arena on Saturday and Sunday. The number of spectators from around the world is approximately 50,000 people per show. “We flew here from Malaysia and Singapore,” two people told TODAY nl. “It’s expensive, but Beyoncé is worth it. It’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity. And yes, of course we spent the money right away on restaurants and a hotel here.”

Radio DJ Angelique Houtwein of Sublime will also be on hand this weekend. She has previously attended the singer’s concerts seven times. “I traveled for that too, for example Germany and Belgium. I then took a weekend trip, which included hotels and restaurants. So yes, I may have contributed to another country’s inflation in that way.”

ticket prices

The cheapest ticket for Beyoncé was 62.60 Euros, rising up to VIP tickets for 2706 Euros. With the latter tickets you’ll get some extras, like your own toilet and a gift.

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dutch inflation

But is it really possible that Beyonce will soon be taking over our inflation? “Inflation is measured broadly across all aspects of the economy,” says stock market commentator RTL z Jacob Schoenmaker. If, for example, a World Cup is being organized.”

“Inflation doesn’t say anything about the amount of spending,” explains Schoenmaker. “But it’s true that when expenses go up, prices tend to go up. When a hotel fills up, the last rooms go for record prices.”

Still, CBS chief economist Peter Hein van Mulligen questions the real impact an artist can have on inflation. “Prices should go up very quickly if it is to have a measurable effect on inflation. Only 0.4 percent of our spending goes to hotels. If you just look at the prices of hotel stays, they cost about $100 every month in the Netherlands. The space should be doubled. Such should be the effect.”

“Since Beyoncé doesn’t perform in the whole of the Netherlands for a month, it is very unlikely that you will also see those higher hotel prices which are reflected in overall inflation. There are more large concerts here in the Netherlands which attract quite a few people.” , and I can imagine that I don’t remember that such demonstrations ever had an effect on inflation in the Netherlands.”

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