Music fans can indulge themselves: Top artists from around the world headline this weekend in the Netherlands

Beyonce sings her biggest hits for three hours at the Johan Cruijff Arena this weekend, while other world stars flock to the Landgraf to perform at Pinkpop. And as if music lovers weren’t spoiled enough already, Guus Meeuwis will be performing at ‘his’ Philips Stadium. “There’s been a lot of musical violence this weekend,” says Radio 2 DJ Wouter van der Goes in Good Morning Netherlands.

Beyoncé will be at the Johan Cruz Arena on Saturday and Sunday with her Renaissance Tour. Earlier this week, the American singer has already performed in Stockholm. “Beyoncé… guys, what a show,” Van Der Goes says. “Economists have found that inflation has slowed down in Sweden because of Beyoncé. Because of the thousands of visitors, hotel prices and catering prices went up; everything became more expensive. Can you imagine how much it really is big.

A caravan of 500 people travels behind Beyoncé, for example building up the stages on time. “It’s a totally well-oiled machine,” says van der Goes, “for a woman who used to find it very scary on stage.” “She came up with an alter ego because it made it easier for her.”

Beyoncé began her musical career with the music group Destiny’s Child. Van der Goes: “Kelly Rowland also stems from Destiny’s Child. She’s a super singer, a world star, but not on Beyoncé’s level. What makes Beyoncé so good?” He himself answers his question. “It’s the little things that add up. Bottom line: She’s a great performer. A great singer who looks great. She dances and can sing cleanly in the meantime. That combination is clever, I really does not copy it.

“One of my listeners said: I’m too old for Beyoncé, but I discovered her and now I’m sold. I thought: Can you be too old for Beyoncé?”, says van der Goes. “But it indicates that she has become very broad. All age groups and all target groups; everyone likes her music and everyone really likes it.


It’s not just Beyoncé that’s ruling our country this weekend. Pink, Robbie Williams, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Script and Tom Odell will perform at Landgraf. “And all that at one festival,” says Van der Goes. “Now Pinkpop is also a special place. You are actually in a different part of the Netherlands. It is absolutely beautiful there with this weather. Hills, ski slopes that you can just see… and when you walk around you Music to choose from. That’s a festival, walking around with a drink in your hand. That’s crazy.”

According to van der Goes, Pinkpop has “broadened” in its range in recent years. “There is something for everyone.” But still, “there’s no festival like Pinkpop”, says the radio DJ. “Coincidentally, there are many festivals in the Netherlands that have their own atmosphere and spirit. If you’re blind on Pinkpop, you know you’re on Pinkpop. This also applies to, for example, Zwarte Cross and Concert at Sea. They all have their own atmosphere.

The atmosphere at Pinkpop is “friendly”, says van der Goes. “You meet a lot of people. It was very noticeable during Bruce Springsteen’s performance last week at the Pinkpop site. When he was in the arena the atmosphere was totally different. Everyone in the arena sees the artist, but On the Pinkpop site you chat a bit, you meet people and you get to know people. Music connects people.”

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As icing on the musical cake, Gus Meeuwis will be performing this weekend at Eindhoven’s Philips Stadium during Grotes Met de Soft G van der Goes: “It’s a very cool Dutch party. Here’s our Gus Meeuwis with a great musical Is giving the show. That too is sold out.” And this is the last time for Meeuwis, he will stop next year.

It is not possible to be everywhere this weekend. “You have to choose, but there’s a lot to choose from.”

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