Shoes? So passed. Kanye West is walking around in socks now

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Rapper and designer Kanye West has changed his style. The one who once made headlines with bumpy sneakers has sworn off shoes and opted for socks.

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A few years back, Kanye West dropped a very expensive and flashy pair of sneakers with Yeezy. Along with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, he was a walking advertisement for XXL footwear and loved to pair it with baggy clothes.

Today, West has gone through a style switch and is leaving the shoes for what they are. Instead, the man walks around in socks. There are no socks with the sole attached or household socks with rubber studs at the bottom, but just socks in neoprene. He prefers to wear them with tight-fitting, black leggings and bomber jackets.

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Attentive fans in the press photos are able to read the brand of Kanye’s favorite “shoes”. This shows that Ye Sand is wearing socks. They have been in existence since 1994 and are specially developed for playing beach volleyball, sand soccer and other beach sports. They will protect feet from hot and cold sand and rocky beaches. According to the description on the website, the chances of blistering are very small. paddling? Then the ‘shoes’ dry quickly.

The socks cost 26 euros through the official site. Dirt cheap if you compare the price to Yeezy, which costs an average of 300 euros. West’s socks are anything but a trend, as they provide little support while walking. “It’s okay to wear shoes when you go from the couch to the refrigerator. Or on vacation, to move from your sun lounger to the beach or to keep sea urchins from getting under the water. This will not change the position of the feet,” says podiatrist Jordan Strobants of Kempen Podology Center. “For long distances, ‘sock shoes’ are a very bad idea. Especially if you walk on a hard surface, because then the tendon plate on the bottom of the foot wears out and quickly becomes overloaded. There is also no cushioning in such socks, which in turn can put a big impact on the heel bone and cause heel strain. It is always necessary to give as much support to the feet as possible.

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This isn’t the first time West has experimented with socks. In September 2022, he appeared at the Burberry fashion show in London wearing flip-flops. Because it can get quite chilly on the toes in the fall, she wore the flip flops with a pair of black stockings.

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