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Beyoncé will be at the Johan Cruz Arena for two nights this weekend. Judging by the overseas reviews and reports from earlier performances in her Renaissance World Tour, Amsterdam is in for a spectacle. Five questions about Beyoncé.

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Is Beyonce the greatest living pop star?

He has sold over 200 million albums and singles as a solo artist. Which puts her in the same category as Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston in the past and Taylor Swift nowadays. But what do sales figures say about an artist today? Streaming data, now that’s it. On Spotify, Beyoncé has approximately 56 million listeners per month. There are many (say three times the number of inhabitants of the Netherlands). But if we look at The Weeknd, who will be performing at the Arena next week, we see that he has 106 million listeners on Spotify every month, which is almost twice as many as Beyoncé.

Still, it could be argued that he is the greatest living pop star. There are more artists who beat him on Spotify, but they are artists who primarily serve a certain bubble. The average Dutch person probably wouldn’t be able to name a song by The Weeknd, but almost everyone knows who Beyoncé is.

She is one of the few actors nowadays who transcends all the bubbles. Old and young, fair and coloured, urban and rural: everyone knows him. And not everyone is a fan, but she hardly causes resistance from anyone. His voice is very nice. On stage and in her clips she sometimes looks like a superheroine, plus she has a warm and friendly presence,

Apart from being a singer, Beyoncé is also an activist. What is he committed to?

The list seems endless. She cares about the climate, promotes a vegan lifestyle, is concerned about racism and is an active feminist; On a previous visit to the Netherlands, all the musicians and dancers on stage were women. And as they say in the United States: she puts her money where her mouth is,

She is a well-known philanthropist who donates a large portion of her income to campaign groups and charities. She was a major supporter of Obama and performed at both of his inaugurations. Artists who take such a clear political stand often end up facing the wrath of haters on social media. Remarkably enough, Beyoncé doesn’t seem to mind.

How many times has Beyoncé performed in the Netherlands before?

“He’s a regular here. As a soloist he made his Dutch concert debut in 2003 at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam (currently Afas Live), after which he returns to our country every two years, with the exception of the Corona period. I. She performed at the Ahoy in Rotterdam, at the Zigo Dome and at the Arena.

Critics have always spoken highly of him. He was very excited about the Zigo Dome show in 2013. parole rated the performance with five stars and wrote that she far surpassed colleagues such as Madonna and Lady Gaga: ‘Beyoncé is the queen of pop music today. The W of Wow fits here.’ Prior to her solo career, Beyoncé frequently performed in the Netherlands with girl group Destiny’s Child, Always Ahoy.

What happened to the other two members of Destiny’s Child?

Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams both continued in music after Destiny’s Child. The most successful of these was Rowland, who sold 40 million albums and singles as a solo artist. Already in 2002, at the time of Destiny’s Child, she and rapper Nelly had a worldwide hit with the song Dilemma, In several countries, including the United States and the Netherlands, it reached number one on the charts.

Kelly Rowland was a talent show judge and coach X Factor And sound, His last album was released in 2013, but a new record is said to be on the way. As a solo artist, Michelle Williams primarily sang gospel music and had great success with it. She was also active as an actress, in both stage and television productions. Like Roland, she judged talent shows.

Is Beyoncé her real name?

Yes, her full name is Beyoncé Giselle Knowles. Beyoncé seems to be a name made up by her parents herself, but it is a tribute to her mother’s family. That family is called Beinse. Because the family name was in danger of being lost due to a lack of men, Tina Knowles named her daughter Beyoncé.

The singer’s nicknames are Queen Bee, Bee, JuJu and Sasha Fierce. The name of Beyoncé’s younger and only sister is Solange. She is also a singer. She’ll never be as successful as Beyoncé, but she’s a respected artist in the world of alternative R&B. Like Beyoncé, Solange is also socially involved, including being active in the Black Lives Matter movement.

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