The Just Not Summer came out a little less than 7 years ago

Tip list from only 7 years ago. All 30 singles passed on the radio without a doubt, but did they get in, ears out, or did they stick around. Undoubtedly Dua Lipa’s alarm disc, it will remain in the Top 40 all summer long. But what about the remaining 29? We’ve got some ready for you, the big name, great summer hits. About then

1. (-) Dua Lipa – Hotter Than Hell

We’re still at the dawn of Dua Lipa’s career, because this single, like Be the One, comes from her debut album. However, it is already the fourth single and was available for download through his own independent record label. The single is doing well everywhere. A little more is even better with us at 19 weeks. The new rules have yet to be released (actually even from the beginning) and will end on the 1st. nice clip!

2. (4) Beyonce – Hold Up

Track from the album Lemonade, not just any album but nominated for 9 Grammys. This single reached the top 20 on both sides of the pond and without any physical release. Maybe that’s why we have a solid tip, but no space with 40. A great clip!

9. (11) Jennifer Lopez – Ain’t Your Mama

There are big names in this tipparade, but no big hits yet. Not only Beyoncé, even Jennifer can’t get over Tipperde. The track cannot be found on a regular album, but look at this, a CD single has actually been released. Not a great version and no great second track (the instrumental version), but still striking for 2016. And did we mention the clips?

15. (19) Anouk – Need a little something

Queen for a Day, on which the hit Run Away Together (24 in the Top 40) can be found. And this tip. Apparently the record company expected this as well, as the promotional sticker on the CD cover mentions New Day as a single (23 in the Top 40). Well as you would expect, a good clip!

17. (21) Alicia Keys – In Common

Totally in style, a great clip from the big name too. but that’s about it. The album can be found on Here and this single was supposed to bring the album into focus. Not really successful seeing interest in both the US and the UK.

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