These 6 youths are yearning for their first festival

Do you remember your first festival? Treasuring that ticket for months, curating homemade compilations so you can listen to all your favorite songs with ease… For these six youngsters, summer has finally arrived.

Reineke Lammens

Girlfriends Jacobe (15) and Leo (15) go to Pukkelpop for Billie Eilish

“With my mother, Jacobe and I are going to Pukkelpop on August 18,” says Leo Spinsmel. Billie Eilish performed that day, which is the main reason why both girlfriends go. “We know other artists, but definitely not as many as Billy,” he continues. The fact that the concert takes place at the venue gives, according to Jakob Geesmans, an additional dimension. “The last time Billy was at Pukkelpop, there were 50,000 spectators. To be with that many people at the same time must be impressive.”

Jakob: 'The last time Billy was at Pukkelpop, there were 50,000 spectators.  It must be impressive' image Rebecca Fertinel

Jakob: ‘The last time Billy was at Pukkelpop, there were 50,000 spectators. It must be impressive’Image Rebecca Fertinal

Before taking the train to Cevit, Jakob and Leo would dress up together. Two keywords for her outfit: “Original and not too boring,” says Jakob. “It’s great that you can wear something more special to the festival.” Leo agrees: “There are a lot of people walking around Pukkelpop in cool outfits. You can take inspiration from them, but you want to look like yourself,” she says. “Plus, we want to feel comfortable.” , so we don’t wear clothes that are too hot or uncomfortable.”

Will it be itching to attend more festivals after Pukkelpop? “From next year we will probably have more concerts and festivals,” says Leo. Which festival is mentioned at the top? “Rock Werchter”, it sounds in unison.

Pukkelpop, 17 to 20 August (Billie Eilish plays on Friday) in Hasselt,

Stan Fabre (16) is looking for cool hip-hop at Couleur Café

“Did I get permission from my parents early enough? Much faster than I expected. He just said, ‘Cooler cafe? Do it!'” (laughs) With some friends, Stan goes to the festival at the foot of the Atomium for three days. “At my age, it feels like a milestone. Being away from my parents to go to my first festival is something different than having a night out with friends. So I’m so grateful for the fact that they Gave me that freedom.”

tap picture Rebecca Fertinel

Image Rebecca Fertinal

Stan is a big fan of cool hip-hop, which is where Couleur Cafe’s music fits in. “I’m especially looking forward to ArrDee, Earl Sweatshirt and Blackwave. Live,” he says. “I think Blackwave’s song ‘Mayavi’. Really great. I’ve been listening to it every day for two years now and can’t get tired of it. They should stop with that. (laughs) But without the atmosphere and my friends, watching them live just wouldn’t be the same. I will undoubtedly make memories there as well that will last a long time.

In terms of clothing, Stan goes for a combination of style and comfort: “I mainly keep the weather in mind—I’m not going to jump out there in jeans—but I also make sure I look good. You meet so many people at festivals, so you want to show up and stand out among the crowd.

Couleur Café, from 23 to 25 June in Brussels Ossegempark,

Pauline Vanhessen (24) travels to WECANDANCE on her own

“I’ve never been to a festival before and this summer I’m suddenly going to two”, laughs Palin. In July she goes to Rock Zotegem with friends for three days, in August alone to WECANDANCE. “I consider this my first real festival,” she says. “The longer it takes you to go to your first festival, the bigger the step becomes. But when I saw the WECANDANCE line-up and theme, I thought why not?”

Paulian’s playlist features dance and techno every day. There will also be some of his favorites playing: “2manydjs, Black Mamba, Diplo, Gods of Disaster…” Whoever comes: Eagle, aka Jeff Willem van OnSpeakbar, a platform dedicated to breaking the taboo on mental health tries to. “I want to see her for her music, but also for the person she is. I admire the way she’s put mental health on the map.”

Palin: 'The longer it takes before you go to your first celebration, the bigger the step becomes.'  Image Rebecca Fertinal

Palin: ‘The longer it takes before you go to your first celebration, the bigger the step becomes.’Image Rebecca Fertinal

WECANDANCE has a different theme every year, and you should dress accordingly. “This year it is ‘Sun, sea and sand’, So I opted for loose fabrics, pearls and a metallic dress,” says Paulian. “I like to express my personality through my clothes, so I think it’s great that I can wear an outfit to a festival like this that I would never walk down the street with. So I’m a day to experience Tomorrowland or Coachella. Then I’ll also save up to be able to go full throttle with my outfit. (laughs)

Wecandance, on 5 and 6 August, and in Zeebrugge on 12 and 13 August,

Emily Ceulinar (23) opens her metal heart to Grasspop’s pasture

Emily and her boyfriend go to Grasspop for four days. “We bought our tickets to the Aalst Carnival very randomly. (laughs) As we are fans of metal, Graspop seemed like the perfect festival for us. We haven’t thought much about it.”

“I’m so excited. My main concern is the music – I really want to see Sleep Token and Slipknot live – but I’m also looking forward to being surrounded by people who understand my taste in music,” she says . Apparently not everyone understands the interest in metal. “For example, my mom is a little scared of it, because metal is considered satanic in African culture.”

tap picture Rebecca Fertinel

Image Rebecca Fertinal

Emily, on the other hand, is also a little nervous about going to her first festival. “I’m not sure what to expect,” she says. “I’m not going to work too hard on my outfit, because I want to feel most comfortable. I’ve got my nails done: they’re sharp, with flames. Emily is horrified by the lack of hygiene. “I don’t like that you have to pay 8 Euros on top of your expensive ticket to take a shower. that’s about it. (laughs) But in the end that is secondary. This festival is and will remain. I’m sure it’ll be fun and I’ll meet nice people.”

Graspop Metal Meeting, this weekend in Dessel, sold out,

Mathis Walraed (20) waiting for Ellie Goulding, P!nk and Goldband at Werchter Boutique

“We actually bought our tickets three years ago, when Taylor Swift was the headliner,” says Mathis. “That was eventually canceled due to Covid, but we got a voucher. It was the last chance to trade this year, and it worked perfectly. That’s how P!nk, Ellie Goulding, OneRepublic and Goldband come in. We think the line-up – my mother, stepfather, brother and myself – is much better than last year.”

Mathis: 'I'm very passionate about music, so I'm happy to spend my money on the festival' Image Rebecca Furtinal

Mathis: ‘I love music, so I’m happy to spend my money on a festival’Image Rebecca Fertinal

So Mathis goes mainly to music. Ellie Goulding definitely stands out for her, but she’s also curious about the atmosphere. “I already often fantasize about the weather, the food stalls, how everyone will be dressed… I haven’t put much thought into my clothes myself. i don’t want one right now fries bag look, but opted for a basic festival outfit: shorts, shirt, bucket hat and sunglasses.

Mathis’ dream festival is Coachella. “It should be the maximum. Too bad the tickets are so expensive. But I have a great passion for music, so I’m happy to spend my money on a festival,” he concluded. One artist for whom he has a lot of money is Taylor Swift.” She’s currently touring with her Era-Travel I’ve already put money aside so that I can definitely buy a ticket when a series of European concerts are announced. (laughs)

Werchter Boutique, today (Saturday 17 June), info and tickets via

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