9 top news stories of this week

1. Russia is too weak to turn the war to its will, Putin realizes this too. but he has another asset

Even Vladimir Putin openly admits it: Russia is currently too weak to turn the war against its will. But with the help of cheap Iranian drones, it can maintain a stalemate. And then the West threatens to get very nervous. Read the article here.

Ukrainian soldiers watch the launch of a HIMERS missile towards Bachmut.  Image Global Images Ukraine via Getty

Ukrainian soldiers watch the launch of a HIMERS missile towards Bachmut.Image Global Images Ukraine via Getty

2. ‘We drink too much wine and eat too much red meat, but we give it a positive spin and call ourselves ‘Burgundians’: ‘Patient Dompy’ doctor

Play4 in range patient dumpy The ever-great Dominic Van Malder shows you can fight like Hercules without the body of a Greek demigod. Dompy underwent gastric bypass surgery and lost over 60 kgs, without losing an ounce of happiness. His accompanying doctor Yves van Nieuwenhove (56) provides lessons and explanations specifically for us about this type of gastric bypass, treats us to tips for a healthy life and looks to the future. “Soon we’ll just take one pill to lose weight.” Luckily, the interview can still be great.

Doctor Yves Van Nieuwenhoeve.  Image Geert van de Velde

Doctor Yves Van Nieuwenhoeve.Image Geert van de Velde

3. Four children found in Colombia were absconding for 40 days. their father knows why

Last Friday, four Colombian children found alive in the Amazon rainforest were on the run. In the piece, his father explains why: “Insurgents in this country have been able to recruit a 2-year-old.”

One of the four surviving children is taken on a plane to be taken to the hospital.  Image AFP

One of the four surviving children is taken on a plane to be taken to the hospital.Image AFP

4. A nice house? It is possible even without air conditioner or fan

The sun is shining, the temperature is rising. To keep it pleasantly cool in the home, many residents turn to fans or air conditioners. But heat can also be curbed with simple, natural solutions: Morning Collected some tips.

Null Image Getty Images

Image Getty Images

5. ‘I will be very sorry, but I will never divorce because he cheated’: Olga Leers (25) and Giancarlo Angeletti (43)

Olga Leyers (25), the youngest member of the family, was beaming in her custom-made Natan wedding dress when she exchanged rings with Giancarlo Angeletti (43) in early April. Two months later, they haven’t been on their honeymoon and haven’t figured out when cheating is allowed – “You can’t expect a long-term relationship to be happy every year.” But everything else runs smoothly in the Angeletti-Leyers house. Read the interview here.

Giancarlo Angeletti and Olga Leyers.  image koen boaters

Giancarlo Angeletti and Olga Leyers.image koen boaters

6. ‘You have an average of three minutes to escape a house fire’: Experts share tips that can make a difference

An exchange student in Brussels on Saturday and two children and their father in Ghent on Monday. In recent days, four people died in a house fire. Everyone hopes that this does not happen to them. But what exactly should we do if a fire breaks out? “A closed door can prevent smoke development for up to 20 minutes”, and other suggestions.

Children from a neighboring school come to lay a wreath at a burnt house in Ghent.  photo Eric de Milt

Children from a neighboring school come to lay a wreath at a burnt house in Ghent.photo Eric de Milt

7. Five questions about the incident with Tom van Grieken: ‘The police hit me in the face’

Vlaams Belang president Tom Van Grieken shared video footage on Tuesday showing how he was punched by a police officer in Brussels. Why did the situation go out of control and did the police cross their limits here? Five questions and answers related to the incident.

Tom Van Grieken, president of the Vlaams Belang.  Image RV

Tom Van Grieken, president of the Vlaams Belang.Image RV

8. Global climate records are falling: ‘These are the scariest graphs on the internet’

Globally, climate is making crazy leaps and bounds and records are being broken by bushfires. What is going on? “What we are seeing now exceeds expectations.” Read the article here.

Null Image Getty Images / Kal

Image Getty Images / The Tomorrow

9. Amy, daughter of Alex Agnew: “I want to study piano, or law. Otherwise I’ll be the next Billie Eilish, won’t I?’

When Amy Agnew suddenly appeared on stage and sat down behind the piano in the musical James, a shocked Alex magically transformed from a tough hunk into a proud, teary-eyed father. Today mum Yasmine is sitting next to her – Alex has to perform – but for her first interview Amy doesn’t need an observer: she speaks fluently and enthusiastically, has clear opinions and doesn’t mince words Is. From whom will she get it? Read the interview here.

Amy Agnew:

Amy Agnew: “It’s only when people ask Dad for a selfie that I realize: Oh well, he’s famous.”image koen boaters

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