“EU grants research funding to controversial Chinese company Huawei”

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Chinese telecommunications conglomerate Huawei receives funding from the European Union for various research projects, although it is not allowed to do business in many European countries. This writes the British business newspaper Financial Times. Huawei receives funding for eleven projects under the Horizon Europe research programme. These are sometimes sensitive projects in the fields of cloud services, 6G networks and artificial intelligence (AI).

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Huawei receives up to 14 percent of the fee for eleven projects. That’s a total of 3.9 million euros. But more importantly, it gives Huawei a key role in future technologies, with nearly a third of EU countries actually excluding the company from deliveries for 5G networks. The relationship between Huawei and the Chinese government is seen as very close. This has led to fears that China could use European telecommunications networks to eavesdrop on Europe.

For research projects supported by the European Union, Huawei is now providing equipment and an AI platform. As a result, the company could have access to European knowledge on all kinds of subjects. According to critics, this could put pressure on the security of data in the EU, but also on the European desire to become self-sufficient in technology.

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