Gino Mader is unfortunately the latest name in a (very) very long list of fatalities in cycling over the last 20 years

– 2003: Andrew Kivilev (Kaz) dies in the hospital of Saint-Etienne the day after his fall in the second stage of Paris-Nice. There will be mandatory use of helmets in the race to avoid accident.

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– 2003: The Est laurie ossHaving driven his entire career for French teams, he is hit by a drunk driver during a training trip. The Laurie Oss Memorial has been held in his memory since July 2004.

-2004: Tim PowellsKevin Powell’s older brother dies after heart failure during the Arpe-Mere cross.

– 2005: alessio galetti (Ita), known as Mario Cipollini’s servant, dies while climbing the Spanish race Subida el Naranco.

– 2005: The Australian Amy Gillette During the preparation for the Thuringian Rundfahr a car hit him and five of his teammates, killing him.

– 2006: Isaac Galvez (Spa) crashes heavily on day six of Ghent. He still revived on the spot, but died of internal bleeding on his way to the hospital.

– 2008: bruno neves (Por) crashes at a speed of over 40 km/h during a stage of the Classica de Amarante. Neves dies on the way to the hospital.

– 2009: The Promising Frederick Nolf He dies in his sleep during a tour of Qatar.

– 2009: The Belarusian zinaida stahurskayaThe world champion in Pluye in 2000, is hit by a car during training and dies on the spot.

– 2010: 19 years of cycling promise thomas caserotto (ITA) collides with a car on the third stage of the Giro del Friuli and ends up in a coma. He dies after a few days.

– 2011: wouter weylandt (Bell) dies after a crash on the descent to the Passo del Boc, 25 km from the end of the third stage of the Giro.

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– 2011: The South African carla black Dies in an accident during training. HTC teammate Ellen van Dijk later dedicated her overall victory at the Ladies Tour of Qatar to Swart.

– 2011 Spaniard Victor CabedoOne season with Euskatel-Euskadi, he dies after a collision during a training ride.

– 2013: The American cyclo-cross rider Amy Dobrowski (USA) collided with a truck during training in Belgium.

– 2013: Mountain Biker their laserta Gets hit by a car on training.

– 2013 South American Bury ‘Willie’ StanderU23 mountain bike world champion, dies in a training accident.

– 2014: Christophe Goddart (Bel) was hit by a bus on 18 February during a training session in Antwerp.

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– 2014: Mountain Bike Star enefelur kalvenhar He dies during a cross-country race in (Ned) Meribel, France.

– 2016: Antoine Demoity (Bell) falls at Gent-Wevelgem and is hit by a motorcycle. Venti-grue Gobert Ryder, 25, died at the hospital.

– 2016: dan mingheer (Bell) descends into international road norms twenty-five kilometers from the end. He later goes into cardiac arrest in the ambulance.

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– 2017: jason lowndesA professional from the Drapac team, and later the Israel Cycling Academy, die after a training crash in Australia.

– 2017: Twenty one year old American chad young Gila falls fatally in a fit of rage.

-2017: Frenchman Matthew Rebel The Tour of New Caledonia collided, on the descent of the Col de la Pirogue, against an ambulance coming from the opposite direction.

– 2017: Michele Scarponi (Ita) is hit by a truck while training in Filotrano and dies on the spot.

– 2018: Michael Gularts (Bell) suffered a cardiac arrest during Paris–Roubaix.

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– 2019: Young Promise, in Memorial Alfred Gaiden Steve Luce A van hit. He later died in a hospital in Tornai.

– 2019: Dutchman Robert de Greef Suffers from cardiac arrest during Ronde van de Braeckman. He later dies in the hospital.

– 2019: Bjorg Lambrecht The Tour of Poland collides with a concrete ‘diver’. He later died in Rybnik Hospital.

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– 2021: Adrian Babic, Slovenian champion in time trial, dies in a training accident.

-2021: Eritrea desi kidenHe was killed in a motorcycle accident in Asmara, training at the UCI’s World Cycling Centre.

– 2022: David Rebellin He died in a road accident at the age of 51. He was hit by a truck during training.

– 2022: Kenyan suleman kanggi Dies after a speeding fall during a gravel race in Vermont.

– 2023: german chavezIn 2014, a Colombian professional driving for Coldports, along with others, was hit by a truck while training. His father who was with him also died in the accident.

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