Lady Gaga under fire after migraine drug ad: “Is she poor, then?”

Lady Gaga is in discussion about her advertisement. , ©AFP

Singer Lady Gaga is on target. Her own fans are expressing discontent as she is promoting migraine medicine on her Instagram profile. The post is crawling with negative reactions.

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Lady Gaga promotes the migraine drug Nartec on her Instagram. In the post, he shared a picture of himself from a concert last year. The logo of the drug is printed on the photo. Other pictures in the same post have information about the drug: it looks like a kind of leaflet. Gaga writes, ‘I have been suffering from migraines since childhood. “When I first tried Nartec, I wish I had found it sooner. That is why I am a proud partner of Nartec. We are leaving the country anytime soon. When you see your doctor Talk to, then ask about Nartek.” It has also been said that the post is aimed only at his American followers.

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In the comments, fans are upset that she is posting an ad. “Madam, since when do you post ads? This is crazy,” said one follower. “Weren’t you the one who said you hated being used to sell things?” writes another. “Is she poor? Why is she advertising for medicines?” a third follower asks.

The fact that the ad is about drugs is also wrong with followers. “Only for Americans? In fact, in other countries, drug companies are not allowed to advertise directly to consumers. And they shouldn’t be allowed to do so in the US either. I hope a European country follows Instagram.” Will do,” writes one follower. Another said, “Wow, I would never think that celebrities get paid to recommend big pharma.”

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