No specific investigation in the Sanda Dia case by the Supreme Court of Justice: “The Council cannot comment in any way on the content of the judicial decision”

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There will be no special inquiry by the Supreme Court of Justice in the Sanda Dia case. The council gave this information in a press release.

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The verdict in the case of Sanda Diya’s death has caused quite a stir in recent weeks. Many people think that the eighteen Reuzegomers who organized the conscious baptism got off easy with community service and a fine.

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The Parliamentary Committee on Justice, therefore, urged the Supreme Court to examine the sense of ‘class justice’ that had arisen as a result of the judgment. The HRJ is a type of external oversight service for the judicial system, and – in specific cases – can also look for laxity.

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However, the HRJ said that “the Joint Advisory and Investigative Commission today decided not to launch a special investigation into this matter.” “The decision provoked strong reactions in society”, the council acknowledges, but: “HRJ is not allowed to comment in any way on the content of the judicial decision. This is the basic principle of the rule of law.”

A special inquiry focuses on serious and specific dysfunction, and aims to formulate proposals and recommendations for the optimal functioning of the justice system. “Within this role, the HRJ must also respect the independence of the judiciary as provided for in Article 151 of the Constitution.”

The Supreme Court states that “it is clearly not blind to the sentiments that the judgment has aroused in the society and considers it positive that a public debate is being held. As part of its mission to restore public confidence in the judiciary, Under, HRJ is working on a variety of topics that already dominate this debate today. The Supreme Court, which is made up of 44 members – magistrates and non-magistrates – “will continue to work for it in the future and from this debate Will also draw inspiration from emerging elements”. The HRJ also reiterated his call for peace out of respect for Sanda Dia’s family.

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