The fire brigade holds the hose in the front garden: “We hope the owner will register” (Bruges)

Thanks to the quick action of the fire brigade, the corn snake was quickly captured. , © Celina Cazzetta

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The Bruges fire brigade went to Lange Muntstraat in Sint-Andries on Tuesday afternoon for an unusual task. A woman was gardening in her front yard when she suddenly found… a snake. Thanks to the quick help of the fire brigade, the snake was captured and transferred to SOS Reptile.

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A resident of Lange Muntstraat in Sint-Andries enjoys the sun while gardening in her front garden. Suddenly the woman saw a snake, after which she immediately informed the emergency service. The fire engine reached the spot and immediately brought the hose under control. It was a corn snake which is harmless to humans and therefore not venomous.

The animal was put in a box by the fire brigade and taken to SOS Reptile in Ichtegam. “The snake has been released for two weeks now,” says founder Mario Goes. “We hope the owner will sign up. If the owner is still untraceable after two weeks, we will begin an adoption program for the corn snake and hope to find a new owner. The corn snake is a legal snake.” and people can effectively keep it as a pet.

Anyone who recognizes their pet may report to

The snake was sent in a box. , © Celina Cazzetta

The fire brigade and police arrived at the scene in Lange Muntstraat in Sint-Andries. , © Celina Cazzetta

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