VVG Alvaringam takes a sabbatical year with the men’s first team and focuses on the women: “The club is definitely not dead” (Alvaringam)

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The player with the most minutes played in VVG Alveringham last season was captain Jari Ellery. , © Bart Vandenbroucke

Stop looking for VVG Alvaringam next season. The ever-cool municipality of Westhoek will no longer count the first men’s team in the competition. Stiff competition with B teams from larger, adjacent municipalities tricks the club into putting in a sabbatical year. The club will focus on the women’s team next season.

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“For clarity, the VVG Alveringem club will not disappear,” says authorized correspondent Gino Vanhoutte. “Next season only the first men’s team will be out of the competition. Decision taken some time ago. We saw five players leave for Werne B and neighbors Neukapael will also compete again.”

But there is much more to it. Like mutual competition and financial influence. In VVG Alveringem, it is established that some neighborhood teams can reach the bridge with a higher premium. “We lost too many players and were unable to replenish the team. Apparently other teams like Nieuwkapelle and Bulskamp pay a higher premium and we can’t compete with that”, Vanhoutte lamented. “There’s no point in losing 8-0 every week. It’s of no use to the boys and in the end their guts drop in their boots. The players who stay will take part in the U23 series next season. Reserves and first There is a big difference in the level of the team, which also played a role in our choice.

For the time being, there is no more men’s football playing in Alvaringam, but luckily there are still women’s. He will be the flagship and showpiece of the club next season. “Our women’s team will compete in the inter-provincial series,” says Vanhoutte with some pride. “Last season we had 14 players, this season there will be at least 22. We also hope to score with a new trainer. Our club is definitely not dead. In the meantime, we can already calmly prepare for the 2024-2025 season for our men’s team. We are taking a sabbatical year, but it is definitely the intention to compete again next season.”

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