New single by Daya Hendrix Scoop at Café de EngelenHoek

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Alphen aan den Rijn – Daya Hendriks (22) from Alphen aan den Rijn completely changes course. After a few English songs, it was while composing a song for a good friend’s wedding a year ago that she found she felt more comfortable singing and writing in Dutch.

Yet it is not always easy. She finds it difficult to put into words the theme of love in Dutch: ‘I find the theme of love in Dutch very difficult, everything gets clichéd very soon. But once the ball starts rolling, it’s out of whack. I can express my feelings better in Dutch, it seems like people can read my diary that way.’

Where Daya used to make music in the style of Ariana Grande, Mariah Carey and Beyoncé, she is now more inspired by Frukze and Bente; A truly Dutch pop corner: ‘But with choirs’. With the help of a producer (Micah Dirksen), she developed a new sound for herself. Music industry coach Jim Kreeftenberg helped her develop a plan to boost her career.

New single ‘I Give It Up’ enjoyed its scoop on Friday at Studio Elfen’s Cafe de Engelenhoek. ‘It’s about being willing to work very hard for your dream, but you have to give up a lot for it, like appointments with friends, for example. You give up things like this to pursue your dream of making music, in my case. Still it is difficult to deal with.

Listen to the interview and new single by Daya Hendrix from Cafe Engelenhoek below:

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