A Year After Canceling His Tour, Shawn Mendes Is Back on Stage: “I’ve Had a Hard Time Re-Finding My Voice”

“It’s been a year since this guy was on stage, and he’s coming special. He asked me if he could come on the show. I replied that he should come too and sing a song. With those words , Ed Sheeran announced the return of his friend Shawn Mendes last weekend, not coincidentally in his hometown of Toronto. To the delight of onlookers, the two not only brought Lego House From Sheeran’s latest album, but also from Mendes’ hit there’s nothing to hold me back,

It almost feels like a statement, that last song choice. a year ago, exactly a week and a half after it started MiracleTour, the Canadian singer called off all activities due to his mental problems. This was initially only going to be a three-week break, but this proved to be insufficient time to recover. The entire tour was canceled in late July.

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Mendes wrote on Instagram at the time, “The fact is that I am not ready to tour again after a long hiatus during the coronavirus pandemic.” “I have to put my health first. It doesn’t mean I’ll never make new music again, or that you’ll never see me on tour again. It breaks my heart to make this decision, but I promise you that as I’ll be fine, I’ll be back.


In recent years, the pop star lived for two. Discovered on defunct platform Vine in 2013, followed by hit singles – think about stitches And Señorita – and rapid success records. But fame also brought pressure and fear. Especially when every aspect of his personal life and relationship with singer Camila Cabello was, according to the tabloid press, nothing more than a publicity stunt. They broke up in 2021. And although in recent months it seems they’ve found each other again, there are no second chances.

The singer always spoke openly about his mental problems. “It’s been a difficult process,” he said of his recovery a few months ago wall street journal, “A lot of therapy, with a lot of trying to understand how I felt and why. After that I had to work on myself to get better again. The last year and a half has been the most beautiful process of my life. My eyes were opened Meanwhile, I have grown up. I am very grateful to all the people who were kind and understanding.

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello at the 2019 American Music Awards. , © Chris Pizzello / InVision / AP

new music

And so it’s music time again. two weeks ago he released a new single what are we dying for Outside. And though fans seem to read between the account of his relationship with Cabello, Mendes says he was inspired by the thick layer of smog that turned New York orange at the time. “Over the past year and a half, I’ve had a hard time finding my voice again. I didn’t even have the courage to go behind the microphone, to sit with the writers anymore.

Mendes was in the Big Apple when smoke from recent wildfires in Canada enveloped the city. “Suddenly a lot of frustrations erupted inside me. About relationships, about my career, about the environment… and suddenly I felt inspired for the first time. That was the first step, getting back on stage was the second. The singer has yet to elaborate on new travel plans, but has already noted that she had a great time with Sheeran. That last one summed up all the fans’ thinking. “Good to have you back.,


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