TW Classic: Review Bruce Springsteen on Pure Surrender

Rumors are buzzing. Didn’t Bruce Springsteen look more nostalgic than usual after his umpteenth Werchter win? Wasn’t the skin around his stump of arms loose? Has that thin crack always been in his voice? And did he consider only life and death in his binding texts? In other words, will this be the last time Bruce Springsteen paints his E Street Band’s rock history in beautiful sepia on Belgian soil?

Vincent van Peer

In 1981, in the depths of the Worst, the Boss told us (MD) That he never took concerts lightly. ‘What we do: prove it overnight, there are. And preferably as long as possible. Forty years later, the old stump hasn’t dropped a millimeter to the ground. As yet. The trunk creaks, the voice too. Running hither and thither is not an option now. prove it overnight: What good is it if you can do it on one leg?

‘No Surrender’ had a misleading title as the entry: The entire Werchter meadow surrendered without a fight. bruce And steve van zandt despite the presence of Johnny Depp Still the country’s most beautiful pirate in Graspop – manned on both sides of the microphone stand: an image that everyone knows and that is at least partly the epitome of rock and roll.

‘Prove It All Night’, ‘Out in the Street’, ‘The Promised Land’, ‘Candy’s Room’… no surprise the set list has been more or less the same for weeks. Can you still expect over 70 people to randomly pick from a list of a hundred songs every night?

Rediscovery. “Kitty’s Back,” for example. A blues miniature on the piano that erupted rapidly – a giant polar hill that suddenly began spewing lava all around it. While Bruce straightens his hair, the E Street Band unfurls: a small organ there, a bass saxophone there, a battery of trumpets everywhere. You saw a café group and a gospel choir at the same time: a tall cathedral and a brown pub of a band.

For the second time on this tour ‘The River’ was only part of the set list and showed how you can silence the audience and sing along at the same time. Then for the first time nostalgia descended.

Bruce tells of his first group as a teenager in 1965–67, and how he is now the only survivor of all those guests. George, the last friend died of lung cancer a few years ago. To this Bruce uttered the best line of the evening: “Everything used to be yesterday and goodbye, now everything is tomorrow and goodbye.” While He Sung ‘Last Man Standing’ – Did He Really Tear Up? – If’s Trumpet Barry Daniels Saluting the martyred soldiers in ‘The Last Post’ style. Not the last in the remembrance of the evening.

Even then, on ‘Backstreets’, Bruce continues to sing with a serious expression, especially on that one line ‘When we swore friends forever / On the streets till the end / Till the end, till the end…’ He patted his heart and said to no one in particular, “You stay here.” According to The Boss, ‘Wrecking Ball’ was also about rusting steel and fading beauty.

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It’s not like there was a funeral ceremony all of a sudden! had fun in ‘The Rising’ Nils Lofgren By suddenly turning your ordinary guitar into a lap steel. Nightshift, a cover of commodore with an impressive Curtis King Jr. For vocal heavy lifting, quickly became a soul orgy. Cameras Caught a Man Hoisting on Someone’s Shoulders in “Dancing in the Dark” charlotte timers Outside. In “Glory Days”, Bruce begins picking his nose, and almost Stevie Van Zandt’s as well. The whole E Street Band is still just a bunch of boys and girls having fun together. This later resulted in one of the most essential rock sounds, how it turned out.

Also now used the term ‘Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out’ Clarence Clemons And Danny Federica To pay tribute. Appropriate. Despite their expanding business on the Costa, for which you simply can’t buy a return ticket, where they are now blissfully sipping from huge tubs of piña coladas, they must continue to be mentioned. Because they are still on stage.

You watched friends play for 2 hours 50 minutes. Any musician – it would be a shame to be the best drummer max weinberg unspecified, but then background fairies michelle moore, Lisa Lowell And ada dior Also included – a hug from Bruce at departure.

tap picture koen keppens

image koen kpenes

As an added bonus he sings ‘I See You in My Dreams’ solo on guitar and harmonica, a song in which he wonders where we go after death… yeah, where? I just know that piña coladas are apparently ridiculously large and you don’t even have to pay for them – especially with a wristband that costs more, not entirely user-friendly coins at that. Are.

Does he stop now or not? Will the steel in his neck and biceps begin to rust? Will happen ‘Heart-stopping, pants-dropping, loving, earth-shattering, Viagra-taking’ E Street Band Ever Played One Last Never? One thing is certain: Bruce Springsteen will always be The Boss, you and I are silly, music-obsessed water carriers.

Pina colada, anyone? Someday I will heal.

Watch TW Classic’s aftermovie below:

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