Man prosecuted for violence against ex-daughter-in-law who did not come to clean up (Weurn)

The man is being prosecuted for beating up two women but denies it. , © RR

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A 52-year-old man from Weurn could risk up to 10 months in prison after he slapped his former daughter-in-law and her girlfriend after she refused to come over and clean him. To which he said that he has paid. The man demands acquittal.

On June 14 last year, D. called the police when he and his friend M. had come to her house. According to the story, JV must have gone to their house in a rage because D. had not come to clean up. “D. She is his ex-daughter-in-law and JV said he paid her 70 euros to come and clean her,” said the prosecutor. “However, the woman turned down because she was sick and JV took it Not accepted. He quarreled with the women and took a set of scissors from their house. Meanwhile, the police were called and they found the man drunk at the station with scissors in hand. He had been convicted earlier , including attempted murder, and now I’m asking for 10 months in prison and a fine of 800 euros.

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Both the women say they are deeply affected by the facts and have sought substantial moral damages.

JV’s lawyer has a different opinion on the facts. “The woman is his former daughter-in-law whom he used to support financially on a regular basis. Even if the relationship ended. She would sometimes ask for money and in exchange for 70 euros she would ask to come and clean her house. When he allegedly got over his illness, he wanted his money back. Discussion ensued, but not a single blow was struck and as agreed he took the set of scissors with him as a guarantee. Not anymore.” Verdict on 27 June.


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