Contemporary troublemakers and wonder bands

Deventer – At Deventer’s beautiful Vorplantsoen, music lovers are treated to a special experience: Sunday afternoon concerts. This weekly concert series provides a platform for talented artists from a variety of musical genres, and on June 25 visitors can enjoy the musical artistry of contemporary troublemaker Caspar Bacon and The Knicks Train, a unique band featuring stunning performances.

Caspar Bacon, best known as the contemporary troublemaker, takes the audience on a musical journey through decades of pop music. With his versatile voice and accompaniment on guitar, harmonica and kazoo, Casper brings a unique and wholesome sound to a cozy Sunday afternoon. Their repertoire includes famous hits by artists such as The Rolling Stones, Louis Armstrong, Avicii and Adele. In addition, he surprised audiences with unique arrangements of hard rock songs such as Sweet Child o’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses. Dutch songs are also featured, with Kasper performing songs by De Dijk, Van Dyck Hout and The Scene. With his extensive musical knowledge and passion for his profession, Caspar Bacon knows how to surprise and entertain audiences time and time again. Don’t miss this special musical experience and come and listen to Caspar Bacon during a Sunday afternoon concert at Warplantsoen.

In addition to Casper Bacon, The Knicks Train is also on the schedule for June 25. The band is comprised of six seasoned musicians with diverse musical interests and backgrounds, but a shared passion for making music. The group is known for its unique sound and musical style that is difficult to categorize. They don’t necessarily bring the most famous covers, but they do bring the best and most surprising songs. With sisters Ellie and Carin on vocals, Gerard and Peter who together lay a solid foundation, and Thomas and Hein who take care of the guitar parts and solos, The Knicks Train is a feast for the ears. The last two gentlemen also occasionally share the stage to sing songs. There can be some confusion as to who does what, but if you come and watch and listen, it will all become clear. And enjoy, that’s for sure!

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