Harry Styles keeps the festival grounds warm at Werchter

celebration last weekend Festival Park in Werchter (Boutique and TW Classic) are somewhat affected by the traffic chaos. With the show of British world star Harry Styles In the future, where around 60,000 fans are expected to turn up, some additional traffic regulations have been introduced around the park, in the hope that those traffic jams will be eased this time around. For those coming to Werchter, we certainly hope that traffic jams don’t deprive you of a support act, as rock duo law legStyles’ favourite, is tasked with getting the audience excited in his own weird, yet infectious way.

With everyone in attendance and warming up, it’s up to Harry Styles himself, the young man who once took part in a talent show with stars in his eyes.’X Factor‘, as grouped by Simon Cowell with other members in the same direction, and then set teen hearts aflutter around the world with hits like ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ and ‘Live When We’re Young’. The boy band has been a thing of the past since 2015, but Styles still performs a few songs from 1D Live’s glory days.

son in law

During those glory days, the men of One Direction soared to the top, but in the meantime Styles has surpassed those lofty heights as a solo singer. In 2017, he started his solo career with ‘Single’.sign of the times‘ – still his favorite ending to all his concerts – and the first album with the somewhat dry title ‘Harry Styles’ was released. That record was also a monster hit.Kiwi‘, those skeptics to whom it was allowed to be a little more harsh.

And as if Styles wasn’t ubiquitous enough in 2017, the singer also made his acting debut that same year. And not in the smallest of productions as he got a major role in Christopher Nolan’s epic war film.dunkirk, It was the start of another successful career path for Styles, who later showcased his acting talents.don’t worry darling‘ And ‘my policeman,

With bold fashion statements and sympathetic appearances on talk shows, Styles created for himself the image of an ideal son-in-law, but for modern youth, where breaking classic gender norms, boys are allowed to wear women’s pink clothes And more important than bragging about fame are manners, opulence and sexual conquest. that in songs likewatermelon sugar‘, the biggest single from her second album ‘Fine Line’ in 2019 and 2020, actually sings about a sexual experience the potential mother-in-law is happy to include. Especially when Styles still addresses his audience in the middle of the performance to apologize for some spicy lyrics. he really wants everyone to be like safe and welcome His concerts are also attended by mothers with their frenzied teenagers.

chest full of prizes

Along with its popularity, many awards were also received. ‘Watermelon Sugar’ Earns Styles british award and a grammy In addition to several minor music and video clip awards. And then the great creation was yet to come, because the most recent record, ‘harry’s house‘, is undoubtedly his best work till date. Launched on 1st April, 2022, ‘As It Was’ is still an earworm without equal. “Late Night Talking” didn’t do too badly, and “Music for a Sushi Restaurant” got airplay at almost every possible time of day. Styles once again won a lot of prizes. ‘Harry’s House’ won an MTV Award (Album of the Year), a Brit Award (British Album of the Year) and three grammy awards (Album of the Year, Best Pop Vocal Album and Best Album Engineering). Please!

We can’t avoid it, Harry Styles is one of the greatest, depending on who you ask, even the greatest pop artist of all time. He does this with a spotless clean image, inclusive and open attitude and progressive approach to fashion and showmanship, but above all catchy singing, The fans are happy to accept that Werchter is at risk of getting stuck in traffic again due to their sold-out concerts.

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