‘If you don’t do anything, nothing will happen’

Her barbie look might suggest otherwise, but… Margaret Robbie (32) There’s more than just Hollywood’s latest ‘favorite doll’. The actress and producer is actively committed to making a real difference for women in the film industry. “If you don’t do anything yourself, nothing will happen.”

how it started

She started her career as a sexy blonde girl The Wolf of Wall StreetWhich could have been the start of a career full of clichéd roles in the shadows of Hollywood’s male heroes. legend of tarzan, in which she played Jane, seemed to confirm this stereotype. But then Margot Robbie took matters into her own hands by setting up her production house LuckyChap Entertainment with the aim of creating more opportunities and more interesting roles for women.

she threw herself into the drama I, Tonyaabout the troubled figure skater Tonya Harding, and also played the lead role. This not only earned Robbie her first Oscar nomination, but also helped her be taken seriously as a filmmaker in male-dominated Hollywood. He then worked behind the scenes on the Netflix hit Maid and Oscar-nominated film promising girl, This put her on the list of actresses who made the move to producing with great success, such as Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman And drew barrymore,

kiss brad pitt

Meanwhile, Margot Robbie also quickly put herself on the map as an actress with roles in bomb shellfor which he received another Oscar nomination, mary queen of scots, Once upon a time…in Hollywood, amsterdam And babylon, In the latter film, he improvised a kissing scene on the spot. brad pitt Honey bee. “It wasn’t actually in the script, but I thought: When do I get to kiss Brad Pitt? I talked to the director and he said, it really works for the scene and the character,” she said.

The actress, who turns 33 on July 2, has no dearth of attractive opponents anyway. she was standing in The Wolf of Wall Street Antonym Leonardo Dicaprioshe was the girlfriend in the legend of tarzan alexander skarsgard And in her latest film, Barbie, out July 19, she plays a couple Ryan Gosling, And not just any couple, but the most iconic love couple of all time: Barbie and Ken. They took it very seriously, especially co-worker Ryan Gosling. He said of his role, “Ken takes everything too seriously, unfortunately he has no sense of humour.” Margot said, “It was funny, I wasted several takes because I couldn’t stop laughing.” The movie was a pink hallucination anyway. “I spent months driving my pink Barbie car on a brightly colored set full of Barbie houses. If that doesn’t give you a shot of dopamine, I don’t know what will,” he said of the shooting period. The first photos of the spectacular plastic spectacle were leaked last year, and Robbie and Gosling’s hysterical neon outfits went viral around the world. “I was so ashamed at that moment. It looked like we were having so much fun, but I was broken inside. It was the most embarrassing moment of my life,” she recalled as Barbie and Ken. said on The Tonight Show about appearing in

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