Maggie Rogers almost makes an impact (NEWS)

It can be possible. About seven years ago, Maggie Rogers was ‘just’ a student at the American Berklee College of Music, and Pharrell Williams was a producer and musician who had long made her mark. fast forward So far: One is a famous pop musician and the other suddenly launched his debut collection for fashion house Louis Vuitton last week.

Photography Willem Schalekamp

What does one have to do with the other? the neptunes members came once artist in residence Over coffee at Berklee, also for assessing the work of aspiring musicians. Williams – along with Rogers – listened Alaska, a song she wrote in fifteen minutes(!), completely blew up from the first notes and the rest is history. The video in question went viral, and Rogers soon landed a record deal with Capitol.

The 29-year-old singer has now flown two albums and several hours, and tonight, the last of two sold-out shows Galaxy, that experience and all that talent – eventually – reflected. In the past she was quite modest, reserved and timid and interaction with the audience was kept to a minimum, but now the American has become a charming stage personality who is ready for the big halls, as it turns out.

She dances profusely, constantly leading her (mostly young, female) audience into her songs and even referring to a board on the balcony of a girl who would be no older than twelve, With the promise that she would check if he could get her on stage. In all that noise, his songs also remain structurally strong, with Rodgers’ excellent voice at the forefront. Thanks to those flying hours and the confidence associated with it, she really has the courage to use the full range of that voice, and she switches on – for example – because because Great ease between her ‘normal’ singing voice and her cool voice.

‘Normal’, because Maggie Rogers’ musicianship and talent are not normal. She wrote one of her biggest hits in fifteen minutes: when she went clubbing in Berlin for a night, she spontaneously (and successfully) decided to incorporate some more electronic influences into her folk songs, and Taylor Swift’s Made an amazing cover. Tim McGraw Received the ‘heavenly’ predicate from the pop icon herself. Everything Maggie Rogers touches turns to gold, it could be said, and that’s sweltering hot Maximum not different.

she reiterates calm down, which shows that she has enough musicality in her body to create slick, tightly produced pop songs à la – say something – Dua Lipa. Well, she can do it, as evidenced by playing strong and tight. Knife, but it seems she plays with a different focus between Gen Z and Millennials, who are both part of her fan base. A soulful bass line as an intro, soft, booming thumping drums, a tambourine, a zipper of warm synths, all leading slowly but surely into the evening’s countless pophooks.

The only thing the singer has to keep in mind is that with all those screams and gaudy scattering of vocal variations, this doesn’t sound like a talent show. It’s definitely better than an average audition, but so does Rogers flaunt it if you got itThe principle of sometimes taking something too seriously. Whereas: On the contrary, it doesn’t really need to be worn that thick to impress her. And if the only downside to your show is that you sometimes have to try a little less, you haven’t done a bad job. next To Maggie Rogers: The Other Phase at Glasto. Definitely different, but watching it tonight is also a piece of cake.

seen: June 22, 2023 at Melkweg, Amsterdam

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